whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
A retrospective on the inner workings of love, flying pancakes, mensa disasters, dandelion cookies, number bending, super salt, bubblegum oysters, chicken spit, crystal kidneys, guerilla carrots, polychromatic tofu, paraphysics, tender vigilanties, black sand, phillastine placebos, wood soup, buttered shuttlecocks, apostrophe training, fish whips, bleeding speed, plastic fantastic lobster telephones, venus drug rehab, clowns on fire, kiosks on a leash, marshmello overcoats, bottled light, fried blood, unbridled hyperthyroidism, folding wine, amygdula tickling, fainting in coils, hamburgers for the apocalypse, plastic memes, and conjugal fritters.....well...the love parts true

Friday, May 29, 2009

Football, vegas and fiction

Well the First regular season game is this weekend against the national champions from last year. Winter training has been fun so I guess its time to put up or go home. Its exciting but I cant help but feel a bit lonely with no one to share the experience with. I was hoping to get to vegas this year or take a trip cross country but really there isn’t much point without having someone who needs your arms wrapped around them to feel safe. Its kinda like reading fiction…when its over…. you cant share that experience with someone else.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mastercard, church camp and a 30 year old debt

Bear with me…. Last weekend I took my daughter to the church camp that I went to as a kid. She got all fixed up because there was this boy there she wanted to see. Remembering my own camp experiences of youth and love I was happy to take her and reminisce myself. My initials carved on the bridge were still there. Structures of wood and rock and in the air the sounds of bugs. (Hence the picture taken where morning watch came all too early for a junior high student). All this is preface though…. I got a comment from an old camp girlfriend that put me right. I had dumped her in 9th grade for a friend of hers. Not cool. Not cool at all. I knew that wasn’t the right thing to do and there are a few things I wish I could change. At some point in time things come full circle. Dumper now…dumpee later…..take that Trey!
Its good to know when you do something wrong. Love is hard to find and harder to hold onto. If you treat it poorly it will die. Learning to fix what you break….....priceless.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trash, dreams and heels

There is something of an undercurrent in how I notice women trash men…without question female bashing occurs among my peers….I get this little light in my eyes when I watch that wheel turn. Again.
A woman’s dreams and aspirations are not a mans. Men are taught to throw rocks and play football and to climb trees the fastest. When we are young we are told we can be astronauts, pro basketball players or fighter pilots. At no time in that training to become a man does a father say “Son, remember, once you have kids, they come first”.or “Don’t raise your voice”. In fact we are told to scream and yell at sporting events like the end of the world was coming. Being aggressive is revered in the male world.
Put on a mans shoes before you put him in the trash. Then you’ll understand why he does what he does. Of course this isn’t a license to yell at a woman.
Let me make this clear LOL I’m not putting on heels. BUT I feel good when I understand that women have dreams of a close family and being a good mom, and a man to watch over them, protect them and make them feel safe.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hitch, the past and letting go

I was watching the movie Hitch this weekend….hehehehe My earlier post expressly says that I don’t like chick flicks but I had my reasons!!!!….There was a great line in it though…. “to know where your going you have to know where you’ve been”…most would agree with that I think.

With love though people tend to be negative about that though….”I wont fall in love again” or “Im going to protect myself next time” . Hello? Doesn’t that smack as an obstacle to having a relationship? That’s what love is. Letting go. I have had relationships that I called off because I knew I would never get that persons guard to drop….. I definitely learned something…. If you cant let go ..you’re wasting your time… If your partner can’t let go….your still wasting your time…..
I guess you have to let go before you can go asomewhere..... make sense?

Friday, May 22, 2009

The powerful, the controlling and the strong

I think a lot of guys misinterpret the position of dominance in a relationship. Women don’t want a man who controls…… they want one that’s in control……just like at work where people want a real leader…..not to be led……

I think men sometimes must abuse that power by yelling or playing dirty because they can…. That’s so stupid….it shows a lack of confidence…..no relationship is preferable to a bad one….

Whats worse is ..it destroys the relationship …you cant yell at someone outside the bedroom and expect to have it go well inside the bedroom…. I don’t know why guys cant get this….

Power is nothing without control…..be strong outside the bedroom..thats what your lady wants…..then you can be strong in the bedroom…make sense?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sleeveless in seattle, heart armour, and love on the range

I gotta admit I have a hard time with “chic flicks” ……am I so bad? Hehehehe….oh well what can I say Im a guy…..but I will say its better to have your heart on your sleeve because in a relationship hidden things are not of much value in my book. Are you really in a relationship if you keep your heart guarded? One of the worst things about my marriage was that there was no plugging in to my partner…..no matter what…..I was wasting my time….pearls before swine…..Out on the range it gets pretty lonely….patience with a loaded gun………

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The wishy washy and dogma

I’ve always been inspired by people who can recreate themselves in the face of their own failure…..Have you ever been a slave to a viewpoint for the longest time only to find it may not be right??? Its good to be flexible on some things…..Having an open mind makes me a strong man I find…not wishy washy…I’m comfortable in my skin.

I don’t think I’ve ever really appreciated sheep who love dogma…you know?? Holding on to some viewpoint like it’s the only one and there couldn’t possibly be another way…..nothing earth shattering about that…I think most would agree…..I think it’s even funny that sometimes people don’t even realize they’ve lost an argument!!! That’s the worst!!!!!! You know??? Doesn’t Dr Phil have this thing about “do you want to be right or do you want to be married?” admit when youre wrong…it will make you feel better……

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The rich , the thin and those in love

I’ve always said that if you want to be rich do what rich people do. If you want to be thin, do what thin people do. If you want to be in love…….well….you have to have a partner that knows what love is… better still you yourself have to know… do you know?

I know that sounds like an easy question…..one in which im sure everyone has an answer…but really…..people work so hard to find it but it doesn’t seem to show up very often…..

If you want a good partner ..be a good partner…..

If you want to be in love you have to……be able to be in love….makes sense to me….

Monday, May 18, 2009

Empty people, spent people and baggage

I have this thing about people who are hollow. It still amazes me that I find so few people who are self aware. You have conversations with them every day and yet they are empty and completely devoid of thought that has merit. How do you live like that? Communication man! I can’t stand it! I still love my own quote that “some people are too dumb to actually know they’ve wasted their life.” Ok….ranting done….

This is different than say, those that been jaded by life. Put their cards on the table. Gambled or taken a chance on love. Been Burnt by loves hot and fickle flame. Better to warm by the fire for a while than freeze in loneliness, I say.

That’s a real problem with baggage. Everyone has it, it seems. Traveling in pursuit of love apparently requires baggage. I confess I’ve never fallen in love with baggage. They say you should take a person and their baggage… the two are inseparable. I don’t know about that. Love is best and easy when its effortless…. I still cant subscribe to the “it’s the hard times that define…blah blah blah…..” Leave your baggage at the door. It may be a short trip if you cant.

On a football note…we lost.

Friday, May 15, 2009

boating, purism, and 8th grade love

I had a friend on facebook tell me my boat didnt count because it doesnt have a mast...... hehehehe trust me ...having airconditioning and surround sound on the boat make it all worthwhile... I like to be a purist sometimes but come on now!!!! I love to kayak but think better of criticizing his boat because it HAS a mast!

Being a purist about love though is fun....love in the 8th grade was best....... those butterflies....holding hands....... no job... no bills.... steely dan.....not worried about your paycheck.....a smile that just lites you up......thats perfection isnt it?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

randomness, shoes and football

Its nice to be at a point where you understand more about the dynamics between men and women…… I’ve always liked to put myself in someone elses shoes…I think that’s important…..I can say I never had a partner who said “I understand” LOL…. I don’t understand……hehehe am I alone in the universe still??


Football is looking good at the moment. I feel like my speed and strength are coming along. Hahahaha just like it was before I got injured preseason……oh well. Spilt milk under the bridge…. I don’t plan on playing this Saturday……I will get enough education from the sidelines…….

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the stones and moss

I recently added “you cant always get what you want” to my set list….
No ones ever requested it..but I like to be ready just in case…..
Its kind of a slow song and those usually don’t get played live cuz the crowd wants
something with some pace to it….
But it was easy to do and I found myself playing it the other nite with some conviction,
Not that mick jagger would have been proud but I really got into it….and the lyrics just
kinda stabbed me a bit, and I was thinking that a rolling stone gathers no moss……..
would I stop long enough to enjoy the company of some moss….
I dont know…Im kinda particular about my mosses……
Maybe I should just play some zeppelin instead……

to sleep perchance to dream

To sleep perchance to dream……

I rather like my sleep these days…
I don’t know anybody who really gets 8 hours….
So its nice to have a decent one…..
I run into people who tell me I am a pessimist ….. but I don’t see it…
If its bad I call it bad…..if its good I call it good….
Im a realist……..reality trumps all…….
BUT.......Love is still in my dreams…..
Ah what dreams may come……..

speaking of the football devil

well....practice was interesting.....our starting running back blew out his OTHER knee after being tackled and immediately I got a look from the coaches. Lets see now..where was I in that depth chart?? Oh yeah ....closer to the top now... I really hate that for my partner..we need him.....but hes out now........

Monday, May 11, 2009

books and their covers

Ever thought something looked good……..
But changed your mind……..
I don’t read as much as I used to….
At my age I should know what books I do like and which ones aren’t worth
say…….dinner and a movie
come to think of it……
the library rents books if I need one…..and…
Maybe I should wait for the movie to come out…….
Just a quick shot of the oppostion superbowl winners from last year...... heheheh think i need to go run some more!

Its funny ..im not worried about their size or even getting hurt....just spending a prolonged time in the hospital!!!!!

hehehe maybe I shoould play some more guitar! I did over the weekend..its always good therapy...might even play out this week..we'll see....

Been thinking lately about traveling more and cant wait to get the lotus paid off so some money will free up.......

Optimist... I must a be a negative pessamist!

hahaha Oh man...... we just got the depth chart for the bruins..... heres where the patience comes in...what an investment!!!!!!!!! I have really put my heart and soul into getting ready only to find that Im right in the middle of the pack for running back..... I really though i would be further up the chain....crap they have me listed as 4rth string outside linebacker! I dont even play that position! OH well.........
Went to see charleston play columbus saturday nite.......... I think after an injury or two thats when I will start getting a call to play more.... honestly i dont need to play alot ..just enough to do my part.....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

mountain state bruins football

Im really distraught about the coaches change of offense a week before the first game...that doesnt make sense to me.....I guess I will have to just do the best I can and not worry about those things beyond my control...so I guess I have to be ready anyway .......I guess I could counsel myself! hehehehe "get your act together!"hehehehehe

Pablo cruise and the truth

Oh, but it's all rightOnce you get past the painYou'll learn to find your love againSo keep your heart open'Cause love will find a way…..

Rock and roll lessons courtesy of Pablo cruise 1977
And if that’s not enough to make you see the light…

Sometimes we all feel a need to change
Our love we have to rearrange
And move on to something new, yes you do

Its time to find your place in the sun…..


Friday, May 8, 2009

Semi pro football

Well...... The knee is doing well..... the hamstring is healing nicely! hahahaha BUT...... I think its best to make sure im ready before the first scrimage next weekend. Heck ive done stupider things.... best to wait until im ready! I want to play well not get injured right away and be out for half the season.... that would, for lack of a better word, suck. I feel really good though...just waiting for a chance to get the ball!!!!!!!! its been a good experience. I hope our defense holds up and Im worried about protection from our offensive line but the mountain state bruins are here to play! Peace! Trey

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

love under a rock

Im pretty sure there are some that are too stupid to actually know theyve wasted their life......

Thats really sad......

Love is like that for me...... Its really important to know how to spot it...

Like those old happy couples.... wouldnt it be great to have that feeling when you are in youre twilight years?


Women want a man who can make them feel safe and secure.... problem is men arent taught that...... we are taught to throw footballs and rocks and things and to be agressive or lose the game.....

Im glad to say that I get it!

A woman wants to feel protected and maybe thats why they mistakenly marry men in the military of police officers..they think these guys will protect them.....could they be wrong? probably!

Love and expectations

Maybe those folks that love mcdonalds just have low ambitions for love..., I think they have high expectations just low ambitions...does that make sense?

I wonder if they fall in and out of love easily partially because of that.......

Like fast food it comes and it goes and the sun will come out tomorow.....

Love and ronalds house

Wow, thats a toughie. Its soooo hard to find... I wonder if the people who love mcdonalds know what its like to love deeply.....I mean if you cant discriminate between good food or food thats good for you, do you really expect your love radar to be very good???