whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
A retrospective on the inner workings of love, flying pancakes, mensa disasters, dandelion cookies, number bending, super salt, bubblegum oysters, chicken spit, crystal kidneys, guerilla carrots, polychromatic tofu, paraphysics, tender vigilanties, black sand, phillastine placebos, wood soup, buttered shuttlecocks, apostrophe training, fish whips, bleeding speed, plastic fantastic lobster telephones, venus drug rehab, clowns on fire, kiosks on a leash, marshmello overcoats, bottled light, fried blood, unbridled hyperthyroidism, folding wine, amygdula tickling, fainting in coils, hamburgers for the apocalypse, plastic memes, and conjugal fritters.....well...the love parts true

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hitch, top gun and dancin on the ceiling

I love to dance…I rarely get a chance….hey that rhymes…..RIP Vanilla Ice….BUT back in the day…(oh god here we go) …Earth wind and fire? Soulsonic force? Curtis Blow? OK ….enough….remember how much fun that was? I watched Hitch the other night…..I sure hope I don’t look like that….
Remember how the dance was effortless when you were young….the rules of engagement were different then…top gun indeed…remember when falling in love couldn’t be stopped? Nothing to hold you back? Effortless? Head over heels?....the dance was different then…..it sounds corny but that shirt has it right…”dance like no one is watching”…..
People dance differently now……..”she’s too guarded” “he works too much” “she has too much baggage” ”Hes too selfish”…. If youre not going to dance…get off the floor….who wants a dancing partner that cant hear the music?.......listen……
It doesn’t make much sense to get fixed up, go out, pay the door fee, walk to the edge of the dance floor and ……stand there. ….sounds to me like a song and dance….is this it? A song and dance? ..thats what you got?.......
Go home……seriously… Look in the mirror and dance like you don’t care. If you cant….. go get dancing lessons. See you next Friday……..same DJ.........

Lemons, jail and the lonely hearts club band

It seems the affairs of love can be short…….
Sergeant pepper must be sad about this I should think….
A lemon by itself isn't much of a meal for sure…..
I would think the prisoners of love would need more to live on…..
I mean….. being in jail with only lemons to munch on wouldn't be my first choice of things to do…
Think about that when something good turns out bad….
A get out of jail free card would be nice…..
But the truth is you have to make lemonade
Better still …. A corona with a slice of lemon
Smile…… John Lennon may be gone but its still happy hour…..
…..besides….. Pauls early solo work was something worth waiting for……
Man does not live on bread alone....Sometimes freedom is a good thing!!!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tricky fish, steely dan, and the land of OZ in Charleston

Ok time to dish some pain as we had a rematch with Charleston this weekend. The game was set for730 but lately I have been pining for the urban beach so I headed out early myself instead of riding with the pack. West va terrain is bizarre. You’re in the mountains with no sign of life…then you crest a hill and voila........uncivilzation like OZ out of nowhere.
A block from the stadium and there is a little Caribbean style bar called the tricky fish. Big colorful flags, wooden deck, tin buckets of corona in ice. I wheel in back and take the last vacant parking spot out of ten cars there. I beg for a dos equis and stroll out on the deck and lean against the rail in an empty spot, enjoying the sky and anonymity among the locals. Plenty of time to unwind and soak it up. I order the crabcake sandwich with tricky sauce and onion rings. The owner strolls by and says Im in for a treat while he throws a hand towel over his shoulder. Theres soccer on the tv and the beers are coming now. I drink them before they get warm and chat with the other 5 people at the bar.
“well… the ….danger on the rocks has surely passed. Still I remain tied to the mast….” Steely dan comes on and immediately Im in my own world playing air drums and reflecting on the song. Music is a popular thing for people to like but trust me…..it takes me to another level. If you get it, you and I are kindred , if you say “oh I like all kinds of music” …you don’t get it. The next line of the song is “ ….could it be that I have found my home at last?” The loss is over but sometimes people cant let go of the pain. If you want love again you have to be strong enough to open back up.
The game sucked. I should have stayed at the bar.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Red stag, the Tifosi, and Bob Marley To the rescue

Getting back to the beach was a bust this weekend…the weather was not going to cooperate but not to fear….the weather at the lake was going to make up for it. The Tifosi was clean and ready to please. You open her up and the first switch is the stereo with Bob Marley all ready to play…”sun is shinin….weather is sweet here….make you wanna move…your dancing feet “…AAAhhhhh…. Depressureize….. Its easy to sleep through breakfast after a nite with my new poison of choice, red stag, (highly recommended for use with someone intimate…).and taking as many requests for songs as I could play until my singing began to slur along with everyone else on the dock. The daughter drove her bug down to say hey and lounge for a bit which was nice and as usual I find myself giving serious lectures on how to enjoy your childhood (like I did). Some things are perfect and its nice when something meets your expectations and doesn’t need a fixin……

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The past, trolleys and cougars

I do love the quote about “if you don’t know where your going any road can take you there”. I’m very nostalgic about my childhood and so I look back often and fix what I break if I can. Recently I ran into an old girlfriend and I apologized to her at length because I kinda bailed out on our relationship in the way that arrogant, cocky 16 year olds do…you know….no regrets, no remorse….LOL …no compassion. She said it was ok she had let it go years ago…she was happy and that made me glad as my own knife had scarred me more than it had her.
I like looking back but not over my shoulder….hindsight being 20/20…. it does me good to reminisce about my youth. This is a pic of the trolley in town that was a small diner…..you know?……. hot dogs 30 cents…coke in glass bottles. I took it when I had a day off and went to my old hometown and walked my 4th grade paper route. Ok I’m getting Norman Rockwell overload now…….enough…….I learn more from walking in my past than I do setting up rules for my future. Sometimes you get the cougar and sometimes the cougar gets you. One thing is sure…if you don’t hunt…. You wont catch anything……a smart cat knows that……

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cleveland, the beastie boys and spanish

Daddy was not looking forward to traveling by bus to Cleveland with the degenerative team mates. But the trip was not bad at all. The team was overly occupied with what PSP games were brought, the underarmour everyone else was wearing and what their girlfriends looked like (yes they came on the bus). That left me out of most of the latest sex jokes and the endless texting back and forth to each other. I had a farewell to arms which I didn’t dare attempt to read and so I skipped my usual mp3 selections and went with old school dribble (run DMC, and the beastie boys (of all things)) I have a combination of head bobbing and laughing..
We got there and I was in love. The cities architecture (who knew?)was easy on the eyes. We all broke up to get something to eat and I darted down a side street and found mi pueblo. It was satisfying to sit at the bar window and see the rest of the team continue past to ….quiznos. I talked to an old guy at the bar and used my Spanish which I love to torture whenever possible.. A few coronas later and I was ready to kcik someee cincintttii foobal hiinnneee…… Seriously I only had two.
Game time and I got taped up. I was sooo close to blocking a punt which was great..it forced them to turnover possession and give us a good field position. Brandons knee will need surgery after he got rocked on a kickoff. Not good.
The trip back was nasty. Nuff said.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Going the extra (green) mile, closing doors, and the sea

I guess I do have a Jesus complex even if it’s only short lived. There was a girl in town that I had gone the distance to open the door……A couple of late nite talks, the longing eyes, bashful interest and coy playing. I overlooked some things and left the door open because it seemed like something worthwhile could be in the cards. Trouble is, I don’t play cards…..
She had let me down a few times, which I was willing to overlook for the bigger picture… so the door stayed open…….until I decided I wasn’t going to do all the work again myself….its summer and so the door closes for those who hesitate too long. She who hesitates camps alone. LOL “If you want it here it is come and get it….but you better hurry cause its goin fast” I do love that tune.
Nothing ventured nothing gained….so I did the logical thing and went to the beach! Sometimes I do get it right….. Volleyball, jello shooters, a bullhorn along with old and new (wink) friends are just the thing to make Trey Logan get up and leave this town…soon. The nail in the coffin though was coming back last nite having used the air conditioning all weekend only to find it bloody cold here ……on july 5th. Time to shut that door too.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

running prey, butterflies and a would be king

JT "said we'd never miss what we never knew". Actually it was said to him. DF said "confess your passion, your secret fear" I identify with both....
I cant say i respond well to running prey. A man I am. I must admit its not satisfying to see another one run down in the street as I travel past in search of a sweet who passes drama class and dreams of calm over chaos. What king pines for a drama .....queen?
Ive set butterflies free before and weathered train wrecks...never seen smart roadkill though. Value youre freedom and thats all you have to lay (:)) down with on a cold night. Strong walls make a lousy house for love. A king would rather see a sign that says bricks for sale......
made my point move on please.... Here is another rotton self pic from after the pitt game.....