whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
A retrospective on the inner workings of love, flying pancakes, mensa disasters, dandelion cookies, number bending, super salt, bubblegum oysters, chicken spit, crystal kidneys, guerilla carrots, polychromatic tofu, paraphysics, tender vigilanties, black sand, phillastine placebos, wood soup, buttered shuttlecocks, apostrophe training, fish whips, bleeding speed, plastic fantastic lobster telephones, venus drug rehab, clowns on fire, kiosks on a leash, marshmello overcoats, bottled light, fried blood, unbridled hyperthyroidism, folding wine, amygdula tickling, fainting in coils, hamburgers for the apocalypse, plastic memes, and conjugal fritters.....well...the love parts true

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preseason, the fly crusher, and attention of the month club tickets

Yeah dude……..The push is……. ON. There is a difference in just workin out and …..trainin. I’m turning that corner again. Ramping things up ….where they should be. And Im hungrier than before …….which is good. The results are comin too……. so I cant complain….small smile. Ah cant be just ……..standin around…….. waitin for the love train silly!!!! Now I cant take credit here.

That girl thinks that she's so fine
That soon she'll have my mind
That girl thinks that she's so smart
That soon she'll have my heart

That girl indeed. When I agree to a date…uh….it doesn’t mean Im in love with you.
Have I mentioned that squats release a flood of testosterone?
Got a friend who STILL gettin punked by this married chic. Goin on 9 months. When I tell him hes getting punked (for the 10,000 time) he just stares with his ears shut. I do have a saying… “I cant help you if you wont listen to me”. Its hard to suffer fools misled to think theyre in love. But sometimes ……people just don’t want to listen! Hehehe so be it…..remember…the pain you feel is your own creation. So be careful what you give away.
I do like bein a helper. I like to think the love I share with someone brings out their best inside…….pure comfort……..
Of course if you plan on keeping your distance…….I don’t care. You win. Small smile. Keep your walls. Just ……stay away from me. Nuff said.
I have to laugh cause sometimes things just….click into place……ya know?
My time in the gym has a way of…clicking…….unlocking secrets about my body that …..I don’t readily share. People ask for my help but ……..I don’t always oblige. That’s MY secret.
I like unlocking something about my partner too. Sometimes I even keep THAT a secret. Make no mistake…..very quickly I know more about you than you do about me. I just ……may not tell you. Small smile. Youre just used to dealing with weak boys that lie down on command…..just like you knew they would. Predictable….…an easy kill. Enjoy. Hehehe.

Getting attention is….easy.

Being in love is rare.

If you’re happy settling with just getting attention…..enjoy …you really don’t HAVE anything do you? LOL I don’t plan on being THAT lonely. Ive always said ..…bring your A game.

So yeah theres a little satisfaction when the punkometer pays for itself.
Shes cute….and waaay too young.

“You should hang out with us sometime!” The coy shy smile comes …….right on cue. Practiced to perfection……The wounded young maiden in need of a man approach.

“Not a chance”…. BIG smile

“Really…..let me give you my number”

“I don’t want it. But maybe we’ll see each other out somewhere.” Big smile.

Crush that fly.

s all good. Square pegs in round holes aren’t my thing anyway. I like that comfort that comes from fitting up next to my lover like a glove. Im not much on the thought of trading love for……...attention of the month club tickets. LOL the love train doesn’t accept tickets that are forgeries either. The real deal may have to wait…. And that’s ok. The best love is rare. It just takes the right person to….click into place. Cool dude. Small smile.

I had an old friend say the trick to relationships was to find someone that loved you …..more than you loved them. Love? FAIL. Cat and mouse games don’t satisfy….they just mean you don’t know how to get the real thing.

She doesn't use her love to make him weak
She uses love to keep him strong

Bring it…….bring some more preseason training. The love train will come when its good and ready. Hehe betcha din see that a comin?!!!