whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scorpion shoes, defriending and the LAST 2 months of punking.

Mad skills dude….the Fushizzle is in…….I like using ma past to benchmark the people around me……I see ……a lot….. good people….people in pain….fools…….mean folks…… I value what shoes others are wearin so I go out of my way to understand…… so I can help….if ah can. Not a bad plan except…....I never had a scorpion ask for help. Scorpions have….anuther agenda all togetha. I feel kinda stoopid trying to put on a scorpions shoes…….dude..what ARE you doin????....stop that….stop that right now please. Holding down a snake to change its stripes to polka dots …….well…isn’t the best plan either…….Dude….please stop that…. Kindu been under a dark cloud lately. But there is good news…. It doesn’t rain every day. Now I cant take credit here.

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside I've got the month of May.

My girl indeed.
I think lotsa folks keep asking…… why? Over…and over
“Why did this person treat me bad?”
“Why did I LET this person treat me bad?”

As if understanding the answer is the goal…..ya know?
If I could just figure out “why”……….then everything would be ok.
Well………..not zackly.
Understanding why won’t do you any good if you can’t answer the question.

“What are you going to do about it?”

If you don’t even ask the question why ….then ….just skip this blog all together cause you are doomed to be alone…..again….. Some folks could care less about “why” ….. but if your so self centered as to think its always the other persons fault then I have the bad taste to inform you that there is NO greedy section on the love train. The love train only seats people willing to give. So if your smart enough to figure out “why” then your closer to a ride. The answer to why wont fix the problem though…. You have to decide what your going to do about it.
but if your response is to do …..Nuthin…….then the whys aren’t worth a whole lot.

Understanding why people do what they do is……fun dawg. Daddy does love his crystal ball.

Implementing a solution is……..not easy.

Finding someone attractive is….easy…making a relationship work is….hard.

Saying you want to be loved is…….easy. Breaking down a wall you’ve spent thirty years building up is……hard.
Yes Trey …..you are a sooooper genius.

Cause finding out I gots a problem aint worth a dayuummm if I don’t plan on fixing the issue. So Ahma gunna finish up this string o ugly blogs by shedding some demons TODAY.
The girl from my other blog “slow cookin foreigner and the game winner” was defriended on facebook with good justifiable reason. And Here tis……

Mind you “Mailney” and I haven’t spoke in oh say….15 years.

On the first day of punking ….my true punk gave to me:

A facebook message that said:

Im sad, I need to talk to you.

I immediately typed back “Heres my number call me… You ok?”… two weeks go by. Count em….Two.

On the second week of punking….my true punk gave to me:

A facebook message that said:

I need to ask you SOMETHING.

I immediately typed back my number again said hope your ok. I also sent an email “Whats wrong?”

A week later I sent a second email.

…….Nothing………no response…NADA….Niente…el zilcho.

On the second MONTH of punking ….my true punk gave to me

A facebook message that said:

How are things in general?

I immediately typed back “what in the flying shit are you talking about? Is this what you had to ask me?” I found her phone number and called about 7 or 8 times in a two day period…...no one ever answered the phone.

Five days later I get a facebook message that said:

“Aren’t you concerned about Drew Carey?...Gosh the old Trey used to have a heart….”

……Im ………….…speechless

Today was not a good day to punk Trey. I hit the defriend button……. with pleasure.
I have no doubt we will meet again. And I do like to be prepared. It wont be pretty and I don’t care. Hopefully her husband will be there and I can offer my condolences. That’s the way Im built. I don’t do make up sex. If you piss me off I fight back with the intent to injure….not to amuse.….. Im always surprised when I see people dish it out …but when the counter punch comes they feign innocence and act like you’re the one who’s being rude.
I have to laugh because I DO say “I don’t start fights but Ill be happy to end it.

I used to be an easy target and ahm happy to say ……Ive learned my lesson……cool dude. The bones of past punkers that fill my closet….are going out with the trash. Gunna use the space for sumpin betta.

In ma world this is a wonderful example of how I made the right decision because everything was totally one sided. I was doing all the work. The first time I punked her though…after she did it to me FOR YEARS…...she got pissed. However it was perfectly acceptable for her to punk me without end. The same was true of “Tiny” in my last blog. Its ok for Trey to get punked without any end in sight…but the FIRST time Trey punks back ……well…..

With enemies like this ….who needs fake girlfriends?

I don’t doubt my own abilities but I have to seriously reconsider my chance of success in the mating arena when I have to ask the question “how long do you have to ignore a woman to get her attention?” When no means yes and yes means not really……my ability to reach you is severely crippled at best. Finding love? FAIL. Treys fault?? ….Not today……..the mirror is over there. Knock yourself out. The love trains still a rollin……still searchin for ma girl.

I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin' 'bout my girl (my girl).

Bring it……...bring some sunshine. Cloudy days and rain are fine…..as long as they make you grow. I like the idea that I can learn from a bad experience. Figuring out your getting punked isn’t fun….but its one fine thing to discover by draggin it into the light…….but……doin something about it is what really counts. I know Im glad to put this all to bed. Whew!....ahm tarred!! Nitey Nite!


Christiejolu said...

Hey welcome back!

Wow that was shitty what that woman did...Are you sure it was her??? I get weird messages sometimes on FB and have to ask my friends "Did you send this" a lot of times it is a "No"...Not making excuses for her mind you....Now I am curious as to what happened to Drew Carey...

Seneca said...

Duuuuuude. There are shady people all over this Earth. Smh. However, they only make us wiser and brighter! Good for you!

The Invisible Seductress said...

I missed you!!!!! I am so glad you are back!!!!! Hugs and licks and and and.......


M S said...

That's a faker, you don't deserve people like that.

Hope that karma sets in and she gets what she deserves.

Welcome back :))

f1trey said...

@CJ- no this was her attempt to start pun
king again ..after years of no contacat....not playin this time
@seneca- hope your doin well! cool quote
@Invisible- licks are always welcome darlin! missed the beach :(

@MS- thanks! maybe i need to go oeverseas!

well...ill tell all ma bloggy girls i have missed spendning time here but things still arent where i can be here all the time...i did start a new blog though and its by invite only so i woulod need your email address to make that happen..... im on facebook if you wnat to give that a try.. :)

SkitzoLeezra said...

Hey ya Trey!
Good to know you're alive and blogging!
Glad you are sharing your thoughts again.

f1trey said...

Again my thanks to all....big smile! my world is still a bit frazzled so im not posting very often and i feel bad im not keeping up with everyone else at the moment...but I hope that chances soon!

Linda Medrano said...

I'm so glad you're back! I don't really understand FB although I have a page. I don't get the "point" of it. I hope you are doing all right, Trey, and I have missed you!