whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Super balls, pearls on a pig, and emotional circus freaks

Gunna apologize right up front. You never know what the future holds….so I gotsta say Im kinda disappointed in masef for makin this blog a bit uglier than I expected. I don’t normally have bad things to say but apparently turning the corner on this purging process is rather ..….slow. But im doing my best to divorce maself from what I have discovered is a plethora of punkees in my midst. So I appreciate your patience in advance for listening to a broken record ….. cuz some of these folks just refuse to die. Now I cant take credit here.

I see you crying in the sunshine
I hear you laughing in the rain
You say you can't tell any difference
Between the pleasure and the pain

Desperate people indeed. Well….maybe just lost or misguided. Hehehe

The girl that unkindly offered to give me a $20, five mile ride called and wanted to know if I would cash a $200 check for her that would be good in two weeks. Then she corrected herself and said it would be good on the second of next month…then she said it would be good in two days. Mysteriously, our cell phone convo got dropped during the discussion and I didn’t answer any more of her calls.

One word………Balls

Got 2 emails from “Mailney”. The girl that was defriended on facebook for attempting to restart a new decade of punking. She wanted to know if I had left facebook and for me to contact her (imagine that) because she had some “stupid questions that needed ANSWERS.” No I’m not joking. Im undecided whether to seriously lay it out there or just ignore her. As in… “You were defriended and blocked from facebook because I dont consider contact with you to be honest or rewarding at all. P.S. Give your husband my condolences and ask HIM the stupid questions.”

I sent Tiny a heartfelt email expressing that I thought she was a fantastic girl and I was looking for a PARTNER. I was exhausted from months of lip service about wanting to see me…then ignoring my attempts to contact her. …that she wasn’t ready for a real relationship and that I wasn’t going to feed her ego anymore in the meantime. Four days later I get a generic 2 line email asking how was I doing and when was I taking her out for drinks. It wasn’t anything personal or special. Three days later I got a facebook message asking me to please come back home.

More balls…..

Im done wasting my time putting pearls on a pig so I responded in a tone that got a predictable response…….Nothing. Obviously shes angry I don’t want to “play along” with getting punked anymore.

The same thing happened with round 7. I sent a very heartfelt email about how I was hoping she could let those walls down..

“When I look in your eyes I know your trapped and I want so badly for you to see that keeping that door closed isnt security…..…it’s a prison. Once you come outside to be with me you wont ever want to go back in there ………..ever. ……And that’s where I want you to be…….with me…………..Im asking you……….. come with me.

I know you……..your not afraid of being hurt. You have these walls up to make sure that cant happen. What your afraid of is being in love.

……... I don’t want to break down a wall that you can build back up ….whenever you feel like it. I want you to fall in love with me…….. where there are no walls. You wont need them …….ever again…… “

Five days later I got back …….

“So what do you like to do with your spare time?”

Super Balls

I got game but this is more like a circus for emotional freaks. I just ……….DON’T have the ill will in me to punk back without remorse for being a jerk. Besides these girls are seasoned professionals. My attempt to punk back would be something like

You……..your……….hair…its….so……um….youre having a bad hair day …..so there…..ha!

Ive always said NO relationship is preferable to a BAD one. A bad relationship can be changed…....abuse cannot. What can I say?....I’m learning. Albeit slow. But……..

I was even punked by someone who called and said they could hire me …..if I would go get them some contracts!!!

Lemme say that again…

Go get us some contracts and then we can hire you.


Beyond this point I promise to end this rash of blogging nastiness.

I played guitar out twice this week……and had a fantastic time. I had forgotten how fun playing for a crowd is. I knew every request which is always gratifying ……yeah dude. People dancing and singing along. It’s a good feeling to know people like hearing you play. No lip service there. Hehehe……free beer doesn’t hurt either! Getting some repeat folks showin up sayin they come just to hear me…… big smile. Played some stuff not usually requested……Cat Stevens…..King of the road…….Rawhide……..After I finished three hours worth the bar owner picked his axe up and I sat at the drum kit and a few others joined in. Stray cats…....Zeppelin…….wild thing…….The free booze and backslaps keepa comin….. I looked up and ……it was midnight. Really?? I gotsta get home!

Been thinking ALOT about football. Third season comin up and I know my contract will get picked up again so Im happy about that. I’ve had some good time off and I’ve finally gotten off that extra football weight……which is great….until I have to put it back on in preseason. I had a few injuries first season but last year I………..was golden. Watching the NFL this year has really made me hungry to play again. But Im glad for some time off……lower body training though is still ….unpleasant and I gotsta man up dawg. I flirted with uppin my swat weight and changed my treadmill routine and yeah……ahm a sore pup. Now I just gotta hope I don’t break my neck! Special teams was great last year…Wish I had the film!!!!!!! ..but there is some talent on the team so Im thinking of …..dare I way it…..moving to outside linebacker.

You say you never ever dream at night time
You say you only dream when you're awake
And say that T.V. looks like your life
And the life you lead is fake

Bring it………bring an end to my bad blogging! Maybe I need to go on break again till all this silliness is gone!!


SKB said...

A+, Papi!! This is absolutely one of your best... I see so much realization here!! Sheesh, I'm really prouda YOU! =)

f1trey said...

@ skb- hehehe you silly!

tehkorah said...

Hm, it's my first time here... but I can't really verbalize what I felt after reading your post. Pardon, I have only read this latest one, but to hear a man, a person really lay it on the line like that... powerful. It made me feel something for you, it made me laugh when you talked about some of the stupid things women do to get your attention. Interesting.
I admit, I'm attracted to muscle, that's why I bumped over from "That darn girl"'s blog at first... but your blog is really unique. I was not expecting the wealth of emotion and information you spewed out (sorry, did I say spew?) and I feel for you.
Guess I know why most guys don't let their emotions show... too many idiotic women out there ready to "punk" them, and the rest of us have to suffer for the masses. But I liked it, I like your blog. Hope you continue... there's nothing like the written medium to release inner anxieties and concerns, and I, for one, congratulate you.

f1trey said...

@ tehkorah- wow! what nice warm thoguht! many thanks and welcome! read back some..... you might find it interesting!

tehkorah said...

Thanks, I will, and thank you for stopping by my page... I know, I have to update. Took some time away from my dear Bloggerdom to contemplate life...wander off on my own, in search of enlightened minds... couldn't make it out to the Andes to do it, but I made do nonetheless. ;)

Anonymous said...

I say ignore (I actually wasn't thinking it in those nice of words) those...Ummmm...ladies...Nothing will drive them more nuts than if you ignore them!!!

f1trey said...

@ Tech- good for you! took some time off myself for a bit! I understand!

@ CJ- heheh smart girl...yeah thats whats gone down...not worth the ill will... hehe

Linda Medrano said...

So good to see you back, Honey. I'm sorry you have had a hard time but don't give up the fight. You'll come out on top.

f1trey said...

@ Linda- hehehe no worries....:) right now im in a good place ....cleaning out the closet really gives you space for good things.....

f1trey said...

@ Linda- hehehe no worries....:) right now im in a good place ....cleaning out the closet really gives you space for good things.....