whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love rules, serendipity on a budget, and the monkey spanking

Yeah dude……….turning good corners of late…..small smile….I cant really take credit for serendipity in my pocket but its nice when she spills out. Help yourself…..small smile….Some good things just aren’t by design and if fortune favors the foolish……..then Ida be pleased to share everything ……even if it only amounted to a little bit o spare change.
Now I can’t take credit here.

You want my love and you cant deny
You know its true, but you try to hide
You turn down love like its really bad
You cant give what you never had
Well bless your soul, you can fool a few
But, I know the truth and so do you

Cant hide love indeed. LOL well….but you sure can destroy it….…that is if you can find it. Small smile. Serendipity is sometimes on a budget.
Does ANYTHING get better than old earth wind and fire????? And don’t try to compare them with Todd Rundgren …or Steely Dan…cant be done….even though both are the fushizzle. For me that time was still the bomb……never realized how much The Ohio players rode their coat tails….. but you can really hear the influence!!!!….Trey Logan you ……are a soooooper genius.
Ya gotsta love this. I was at the gym the other day. Struttin around….pushin big weight. …..Talkin to all the loveley ladies. About an hour into my work out I look down and ……my shorts are on inside out. It was great.
The guitar pic is courtesy of SKB. She and I have an interesting thing goin on. Its good for both of us. We have a long lost history. The origins of which are……well….too funny for me to expose here because I respect her too much. Neither of us could do justice to labeling exactly where we fit……..suffice it to say we both value each others time and I would hate to lose that or tarnish what has been a good experience for both of us. Daddys crystal ball wont tell me how this will all end up…. But I’ll say its deep open, and honest enough to survive either of us possibly getting a call that ….the other has found someone else interesting. However I could be wrong and get a big monkey spanking for being a worm.
NEWSFLASH: No need to worry further bout round 7. small smile. She just got married! And…….gym girl.. …..laughing now…..called me….ready?....... a playa. She tried to apologize and all I could do was smile and say “some people are just better than others at crushing love”……and not to worry ……..men like me are a dime a dozen. 3 on every street corner.
The punkometer ……be needin a bit o calibration…….wry smile……got taken by the “love to go no show” act…followed by the classic three day later “can we do it again?” act II.


Act III is usually me hitting the defriend button without remorse……big smile. Not to worry…..men like me are a dime a dozen…… 3 on every street corner.
Teeny finally got the axe …….right in the MIDDLE of a chat on Facebook. When I got.

“I don’t play head games with you”

I was……immediately……HOT.

She didn’t get a response. What she got was


Signed sealed delivered…..Im …LOL…..not yours! S’all good. Gettin the message ?.....PASS. FAIL? …no thank you. The love train moves on.

I was born yesterday………. but I stayed up all night. Who bluffs without a hand? ….or chips?

SIDEBAR: I like having a positive outlook…(although I label myself a realist)..but I think Im going to reserve this sidebar space for stuff that …….might deserve some wrath…….and especially so if its therapeutic for me….even if my underbelly shows. Lemme say Im getting old. When I see ANYONE wearing tapout T shirts…..they usually look like they …..should NOT be wearing them. I mean seriously. If youre gonna wear tapout clothes then you better weigh more than 142 and less than 342 lbs. And another thing. Don’t wear black dress socks with your tennis shoes to the gym. Don’t do it………..Just ………..don’t. It makes you look like a moron. Correction …….you look like a moron. Dude….wheres your helmet? Youre wearing black socks to the gym……you MUST have a helmet. I hate to say it but I actually put a sign up in the gym…


Lastly …….please don’t argue that Phil Lesh is a good bass player. ……….he’s not. In fact don’t even think it.

Back to the world. Been missin football. I have to admit it. But I suppose a year off is good to work on some things………… I take that back. It sucks. I seriously hope it will be different next year. I ran into a linebacker I played with two years ago …..some fist bumps at the liquor store and he asked if I was playin. We had the same story. Went and saw what was an obvious disaster and we agreed “not gonna waste my time”. Its nice when two blokes are on the same page. Its a lot easier than gettin a guy and a girl on the same page……. True that.
Read an article that says that attractive women have so many suitors …that they cant make a decision on which one to marry. Interesting.

I say love rules. I guess not everyone agrees.

They also go for less attractive men …who have power and money. LOL didn’t know they needed a study to prove that. Lessee how that works for you in ten years. Hehehe Apparently when an argument comes up the attractive man says ““This is your problem, you deal with it” whereas the unattractive hubbies were more apt to say things like, “I'm here for you — what do you want me to do? How can I help you?'". Do you know what this means??? Im ugly. Hehehe.
I read another article that said the number one regret people have in life when they look back is romance gone bad. ……True that.
I confess I pine for women that shine and sparkle. It’s a flaw…. On both fronts…The pining is silly because chasing happiness is nothing next to being happy…and the shine and sparkle quality is exactly the wrong thing to pine after. Flash over substance is a real …..letdown….Ya know? Ya know? Been there before. Gotsta be changin ma ways. However in the meantime ……theres a 27 year old filly that ……gave me her phone number. We had decided to get together to …….hangout…..and we both made it clear it was not……. a date. But I bailed on the whole thing a few hours before we were to …. Hook up. LOL every once in a while ………..I get it right.

For you: Stop and smell some summer roses. Cause winter comes all too soon.

For me: Lately Ive been thinking along the lines of “be desireless ….give away kindness”. I like that perspective and what it does for my demeanor. Im proud when Im selfless. I hope others can see that. A fools dream possibly but I like spreading something that shines. Cuz sometimes……I let myself down.

You cant hide love, you cant now
You cant hide love, its got ya
Betcha you want my love, I betcha
You cant hide feeling inside

Bring it………bring the dog days of summer…..LOL better than the dog days of war…fo sho. Grilling out has been fun so far. Even if Im not the best at it.

POSTSCRIPT: Timing is SUCH a funny thing. And sometimes I DON’T get it right. My armour has some chinks in it. I confess. When the call came that SKB was seen out with an ex……….I was hit with one of those dilemmas where your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Surely I could have handled it another way…with a calm head….but no………I called the young filly back.
“How bout tonight?”
“sure, Im up for ANYTHING”.

POSTSCRIPT DEUX: yeah dude. Like I said sometimes I get it wrong. Just when you think something goes bad you realize its actually worse….. the fallout doesn’t always fit the crime but sometimes I react in my best interests when I see you set the bridge I built on fire by helping……..blow it up. SKB gave me some advice which turned out to be catastrophic. So much so in fact that it felt like being molested by your dad while he sold you some amway sex toy pyramid scheme. We will NOT be speaking again.


April said...

Holy bat shit, this is all REALLY confusing. Not that it's any of my business, but when it's all out on a blog, you try to put the pieces together. I'm finding that really difficult.

Trey, your style of writing is pretty confusing normally (which you know), but then throw all of this sidebar and postscript stuff in the mix and I'm just waaay confused.

How many women did you talk about in this post? Who got married? What's all this shit about VA law that SKB is talking about? I'm guessing that has something to do with the advice? Who are The Ohio players? Who is Teeny?

Aw hell, never mind. It really isn't any of my business.


I hope all is well with you Trey. =)

"Seattle" Heather said...

Just stopping by to say "HI"