whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Monday, November 4, 2013

The alter of forgiveness, the cowardly lion, and the kings horses.

The alter excuse me...altar.... of forgiveness …kind of requires courage and strength…some got it …..some don’t.  I guess the thorns  of regret are not enough against pride made of stone.    No matter…..some choices you make ….others are made for you.
The art of forgiveness then in my eyes is not a blanket of 7 times 70 …and justice for all…..always.
Sorry life just doesn’t seem to reciprocate the golden rule.
That being said there are some who deserve an apology.  The ones who don’t…..well……wont get one from me.
Mind you an apology and redemption are two different things.
Redemption  you earn…..…an apology is something you offer.
Hindi pareho iyon. Iba lang. Naintindihan mo ko?
Some people  want the sweetness of apology …..but not the work of redemption….sorry…its not free…..just the apology is.  The forgiveness just takes courage.  The scarecrow was too smart to be the cowardly lion.
Some things cannot be redeemed.  I cannot change the past.  No matter how hard you demand it. No matter how long you hold out for it.  No matter how much pain you plan to weather or dish out.
Like I said some things are choices and others….are not.  I have spoken in the past of olive branches. If every olive branch offered is scorched with the need for revenge then…the olive orchard dies…..eventually there will be no more olive branches to offer.
I confess I am guilty of turning my back …….yes…….sometimes.  But not turning back. If its obvious to me that I have done all that I can….or that you are going to require me to do ALL the work…….or that your only plan is to continue to use me as a tool …….or a doormat for your abuse…… Yeah….I have no problem turning my back.  did you expect anything different?  Do I regret it?...........not in the least.  I try but don’t always succeed.  Doing the tango solo really cant be all that much fun….so yeah it might only take one to mess it up but it sure takes two to fix it…….if its fixable.
Trainwrecks don’t really qualify.  You derail love or trust and well……..  you might have to find another mode of transportation.   Oh….you knew that already.
The kings horses don’t do a very good job with humpty…..the men aren’t much help either.
So what of it?  You have past and pain and …then what?  I guess you can live with the demons you spawn ………….or you can make peace.  Pumili ka. dahil minsan walang magagawa. Ano gagawin mo?

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