whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Friday, March 25, 2011

A guys fairy tale, the clan chief, and the first taste of outside linebacker

Yeah dude……first day of practice. I’m….m o v i n g s l o w. Bruised ribs …..which is……fun. My hamstrings are wound up like steel and my right knees lateral ligament didn’t tear like it did my first season but it definitely pulled and ….let me know it didn’t like blitzing the quarterback… My first taste as a linebacker was…. A compliment from the coach as far as Im concerned. But Im pleased with my form. Winter training ….hasn’t paid off yet….but it was worth it…..Ahm right where I want to be. Been pushin to the threshold of injury….. not smart, no option, not complainin, just………..sore all over. Heal up …hit em again.

Some old faces “sup dawgs” and fist bumps….some new ones..…cocky and full of shit. But truthfully..…..the team doesn’t look like it should this far into preseason…at all….ahm not happy bout that……speakin ma piece is better than bitchin fo sho……and I told the coaches so. Instead of signin their contract I told them Id be back at the end of April to see how theyre shaping up. Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think you do. Guns? Check. Gonads? Check. Godsmack? For sure. I grabbed my gear and strolled to the car…..Small smile…. Don’t assume I’m going to think like the average man cause I sure as hell don’t perform like one. Now I cant take credit here.

When the hound dog barkin' in the black of the night,
stick my hand in my pocket, everything's all right.

Just got paid indeed. Gunna apologize upfront again for rambling. Lately my posts have just tidbits of things here and there bout relationships that I think are interesting. Im in a good place right now…. I am …….a lucky man….big smile…. Its nice to be happy in your own skin.

Gotta friend whos datin a woman waayy older than him (Dolly Partons sister actually) . He takes a lot of ribbing from his friends but he says it’s a real relief when they go out. Shes a self made woman…..mature. She doesn’t need him for anything other than the relationship. So he doesn’t have to worry about her using him for money, position, status……….ya know ya know? Makes sense to me. The love train doesn’t ask “what can you do for me?” The love train wants to know if youre heart is right ….. then….. you can ride. I feel like pushing baby hungry ring hunters in front of the train. Hehe Smart Idea? PASS.

Yes Trey Logan … you are a soooooper genius.

A guys fairy tale. Once apon a time…… a handsome prince asked a beautiful princess to marry him. She said “No”……..and he lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and slept with skinny big breasted blond girls half his age, and hunted and raced cars, and drank whiskey and stayed out late and never heard bitching and never paid child support, and never got cheated on while he was at work and he had tons of money in the bank and he left the toilet seat up. The end.

…….Really…..really…… small smile…..

I was reading an article called something like ”The one secret they don’t tell you about marriage” and the gist was …… when the marriage starts out …everything is of course the best….eventually …………..the arguing sets in. At some point in time it leads to questioning if they made the right choice for a partner. And you know what happens after that.


It takes two to make it work

It takes one to screw it up.

I was thinking bout communication the other day and I know women are professed to be better at it than men. Most people tend to say that womens claws come out when you group them together in a pack ……but guys don’t seem to do that.. Wanna know why? My guess is that until the second world war when women in the western world started working in factories, women didn’t work in groups. Go back in time and I think women were spending their time at home with the kids. They never had to work together en masse so that dynamic is a bit new. However guys, have been going out as a group for centuries to kill a boar and bring it home for supper. We have always had to work together to get things done. Remember we like sports. Football field? Battlefield? Theres always been a clan chief, captain, quarterback, and rules to follow like in the military so were used to structure and hierarchy. Its part of the history of “manhood”. Its only been recently that women have been afforded positions in the church!!!

Not sayin men make the best choices but……..

In the past women really weren’t involved in things like politics. It was all guys. So men are used to being in an organization…..were just not organized. LOL

All women I run into say “I get along better with men”. Its funny. They ALL say that. When you ask why …..women confess that “ cuz women are mean and backstabbing”. Of course these same women want to know where are “all the good men”. Which is a perfect fit. A mean backstabbing woman and a good man. Now that’s a recipe for…….well…….divorce I guess. Of course people don’t always say what they mean. Those same women that swear they want a good man are attracted to bad boys…… Lucky for me. LOL

just got paid today,
got me a pocket full of change.

Bring it……….bring it when its ready. If its not ready then I don’t want it. Peddlin somethin when Im not interested wont get you anything. Its nice to be happy when you aren’t even thinking bout the love train. Mmmmmmmm S’ok….ahm still smilin. Three weeks till State championship and I……..am ready.


Miss Angie said...

*hugs* I love your posts Trey!

Ca88andra said...

OK, so the one thing I can't understand about men is how they get injured at sport, but then go back to playing it again - and as for enjoying training that just about kills you! My son had his shoulder operated on just before Christmas and he's back training for football again (Australian Rules Football) although he's not allowed to play for awhile. I try to encourage him to do his exercises, etc but it just amazes me that he wants to play again!

f1trey said...

@ Angie- Thanks darlin! I love your new pic!!!!!! XXX 000

@ Cass- LOL were not so smart! hahaha- Im glad he's a bit fearles!!! cool!

f1trey said...
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Linda Medrano said...

Trey! You are a piece of work! It's funny about your friend. My husband of 21 years is 15 years younger than me. We don't "need" support from each other financially. We "choose" to be together and have each other's back. That's the way it should be. You'll find it. You are a good man.

f1trey said...

@ Linda- cool...its nice when things work ya know??? big smile..... I love your blog!

SKB said...

I get along as well with women as I do men, but I prefer the company of men - and a *particular* type of woman - because you know where you stand and there's no dissembling or drama. It just is what it is. The *particular* type of woman I prefer? The one people call a bitch because she says whats on her mind, doesn't soft-pedal or bullshit. Like a man.

So here's my question SG, if men are wired to be in an organization or group... geared to hierarchy, structure & rules... why DO so many suck at the concept of the "team" or "group" of a marriage... the hierarchy, structure & rules of pledging themselves to one gal & having her back? ;) XOX!

Kimberly said...

What about big boobed brunettes? Just asking, just saying.

f1trey said...

@ SKB- LOL for me marriage isnt a group unlss your doin........multiple partners....in which case thigns probably do suck...hehehehe
because women are in the subset of marriage...an all male organization might think different.....maybe???

@ Kim- where??where are they????im on board!!! hehehe :)

April said...

I'm with SKB, I only like particular women and those are they type she's described. See, I was a tomboy growing up. I always had more fun playing dodge ball or G.I. Joe's with the boys than I did playing dress up and Barbie with the girls. I've never been a girlie-girl. Which I guess is why I can't stand the girlie-girl types. I'm not into fashion or celeb gossip and I think people who are into those things tend to be shallow.

I'm going to think that you were joking with your "guys fairytale" paragraph. Because if you really feel that way....let's just say there'd be a reason why you're single. =)

f1trey said...

@ April- hahaha you and skb would have a blast! shes a rockin chick! No Im not that way silly...Someone showed me the fairy tale thing and I thought it was funny....although i can identify with a few of those things! you tom girl you keepn it real! Peace!

SKB said...

Silly SG, that's why I put group in "s! :)

I feel ya & you're 100% right on women/subset & men thinking differently... but that was kinda the point of the question... all male or not, shouldn't men be a LITTLE better at the concept of union/organization than the average ones are?

Not answerable I don't guess... same reason you all like fire and rocks and lights and buttons and stuff... it is what it is. :)