whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Phoenix, A Mclovin attack, and the secondhand Krugerrand

Aw dude…things just ………don’t go according to plan. Football training, a small shoulder injury, and too much cardio have conspired (hehehe) to make me lose too much weight. The record attempt will have to wait till august. Ahm not happy bout that……Ahm not happy that the team looks sooooo bad that I don’t EVEN want to waste time with it. Big frown……….truthfully….both of these is a big let down because I spend a tremendous amount of energy on both. But truthfully I weighed way too much and it wasn’t very healthy…..and NOW…. Ive got lots of time on the lake this summer! Now I cant take credit here.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird indeed. The end of the road is nothing to a bird and I am resourceful if nothing else. Change of plans……Gain some weight……..and nail it in august. Blackbird or phoenix…makes no difference….small smile…..I don’t kill easy.

I read where couples that stay together challenge each other in new ways….. Id agree with that… cool. I like tryin new things and challenging my partner to do the same. I can see why that would make for a long relationship. Ya know ya know?

Finding someone you can live with ………really isnt a plan when love demands you should find someone you cant live without.

I wouldn’t want to be a man that you could predict too easily. You wouldn’t want that in ten years. Leaving you a sweet note in a hiding place would work much better. So I have to be on my toes to be a good partner. That also means getting through disappointment or tough times. I don’t always get it right. But I do my best to weather bad news. SO…………….yeah I wanted to break that record and play football this year BAD………but ……..now I can work on my abs and hit it in august at the powerlifting meet in Charleston……..and football will be there next year……small smile. Make the best of it…..you and I only go round once….even if I feel like a second hand krugerrand.

Had a buddy of mine (preacher’s son) casually tell me about how he and his 3 room mates ran a train on some girl he picked up at a bar. They then took her to a local golf course at 2 a.m. then left her to get soaked by the sprinkler system, high tailed it back to their apartment, threw her stuff out the window and locked the door for the rest of the nite.


The same guy is also married to one of the richest and most attractive girls in town.

Super nice…….

The punkometer continues to pay for itself. Been ignoring several from my past that still don’t understand that the punkometer doesn’t forget. Mailney, round seven, too young overly sexting chick. Its seems a month off means Ive rested up so you can bring the same stinky shit you brought last time …..dressed exactly the same….and try to string me along again. Hehehe Or maybe its just my turn in the rotation. Either way….your still off……. cuz…….

I was born yesterday……

But I stayed up all night.

Punkometer? PASS. Takin out the trash? PASS. Playin games for attention? DOUBLE FAIL

Besides Im in a good place right now. Reality trumps all. Again. Small smile.

Sidebar: For some strange reason….when I’m nice to folks they take it as

A) I’m interested…and run away

B) I’m an easy catch….and run away

C) They’ve already caught me…and run away

Bwwahhhaaaaa! Blink blink. Whatever your convictions….whatever your reservations about me. Make no mistake…..youve made a mistake if you think a Mclovin attack will work…all it does is tell me youre Mcaverage……gots me a better idea……. How bout usin that weak transparent phony act on someone…..anyone else…. K?! K?! Hehehe. The love train doesn’t stop for attention swindlers. Ever.

Lemme speakonit for a sec…….

Its interesting that I hear women say they don’t want head games….but that’s apparently a popular method of choice for fishing a partner. Openly confess they want a good man but gravitate to the broken bad boy. Repeat venal choice offender……Meh.

A man of mystery, I am. Good and bad boy. But send me signals that you don’t even know what YOU want …well…...dont expect the love train to stop…Cause if you don’t know you…you definitely aren’t interested in understanding me! Oh …….I’m sorry! You forgot its not ALWAYS about you….…huh…………Maybe THATS why you only get to look at the love train. Its like asking me if you can rent my fireworks…….uh……..No. You’ve got a better chance of applause for slappin a puppy in a petstore…….just sayin.
I’m not perfect by any means……so yeah I could use your help. Partnership street is a two way thoroughfare. You forget that too?
Interestingly I ran into a sweet girl whos looking for a love train partner ……she wanted to know if I could get on with her……….but …..she was already riding with someone else. The love train doesn’t fit passengers in the cracks or let people on just because you want to ride. The love train stops when youre heart is good n ready. It doesn’t fall out of the sky like rain and hit the rich and poor alike.

Love comes only once or twice in your life………. True that.

FOR ME : So I’m ok with having to change my plans a bit……the man that captures youre heart should be no less. I’m down with that if it means I get to pin you down and nuzzle the back of your neck.

FOR YOU: A mclovin attack to fish for my heart will do you no good. In fact good luck with that. Hehehe

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free

Bring it……….bring some new challenges. I’ve weathered a lot, chances are you have too. A change in plans might do us both some good.


"Seattle" Heather said...

Trey you sound like u needs a vacation. Go somewhere with sand and fruity drinks. Get a massage and go out for a nice dinner. You never know...You just sound like u need to get out of town.

April said...

Your married friend who bragged about running the train on a girl? Yeah, he deserves to be punched into next week. What a fucking tool. You call this guy your friend?

Sorry things didn't work out for you in the weight category. I'm sure you'll get it together by August. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I'm with Heather, you should take a nice, relaxing vacation. Maybe a cabin on a lake?

f1trey said...

@ Heather- LOL I totally agree!!! workin on it!! I promise.....a vacation is really in the works!!!!

@ April- yeah your right...seriously i didnt know that about the guy until he spilled it...i had to hold my mouth shut......i was surprised as shit!!!! hang tight you wont be single much longer!

Kimberly said...

I so could not follow this post! (except the part about the cheating husband) Help me Oprah Winfrey!

f1trey said...

@ Kim- i sorry!!! wasnt much to follow really! hehehe youre right im just ramblin....... rats!