whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The gold knight, the spring sun, and the things you see when you haven’t got yer gun

Ah…..dude ….the boat needed some TLC…..and I was glad to give it. Been neglecting giving the Tifosi….(yes that’s her name) some well deserved attention. She got some wash and wax for her body…..some stain for her wood……..some caulk for her seams…….and we’re both happy bout that. Its not really so much of a chore when you’ve got Bob Marley cranked up and cold lime flavored beer in buckets of ice. The pre summer sun is sweet ya know? Ya know? Not punishing like in August. Mmmmmmm some things just make you feel good. Got a power steering leak I need to fix permanently…..and maybe an oil change next trip down…….. and shes ready for the summer. Took her out for a quick trip on the lake and she sounds wonderful. Oh…I need a new flag on the bow. Any ideas? Hehehe Now I cant take credit here.

I Want To Love You (P.Y.T.)
Pretty Young Thing
You Need Some Lovin' (T.L.C.)
Tender Lovin' Care
And I'll Take You There

Pretty young thing indeed. But old school rules. Small smile…..

Aw dude. An old couple came in the other day and its hard to describe how cool it was to see them sooooooo stiiiilll in love. Lemme say PDA’s don’t turn my stomach at all ……sorry. She said they had been together since they were sixteen and man ….talk about envious. Unbreakable, unshakeable, REAL love. Lifetime tickets on the love train…… cool……

Its always best when its effortless. True that.

The modern savage isn’t the brightest animal….an A+ student of communication I ….am not. …I admit it…I need you’re help. Bad boys don’t train well…knowing that its not always about me is a good start. But bein a good lover comes from understanding …..YOU. That you want comfort……. to feel safe and secure, to be cherished AND ravaged by someone in charge and in control.

None of this is possible ……unless you trust me.

THAT………. I have to earn. Chase you? No………earn your trust? Yes. But I can only earn it if you’re willing to let me. Am I a threat to your comfort zone? I better be…..
But you have to trust me to push you out of your comfort zone …….and bring you back. I’d rather see you smile cause I give you lots of goooood attention. That’s different than chasing you. Ya feel me?
A guy that chases you is probably insecure and jealous…..(not to mention it makes you run the other way) and his idea of making you feel protected is to smother you and lock you up so no one else can tempt you. Uh….…that’s not love…it’s a dysfunctional prison in disguise.
You’ll only feel protected when you trust me enough to approach me. No cat. No mouse. No chase.
Dare I say it? Being restrained is an act of trust. To take you there and bring you back.

SIDEBAR: Good gosh Ive lost thirty pounds of football weight! Don’t mind putting some o that back on for sure….. but I guess its all good in the long run cuz it wasnt the healthiest……had someone close mention I was built like a tank. Hehehe have to admit it was nice to get to the gym and see the runts scatter. But deep down I know this is better for me health wise. So I should shut up.

Where was I ?

Oh yeah….

Got a friend who finally saw the light and got rid of the shitty boyfriend shes suffered with for 9 months. Good on her. It was SUCH a good decision because she realized she wasn’t available for Mr right…when he came along……. as long as she was dating Mr. handicapped. No job, a manipulator, always begging for attention, controlling, lousy in bed, caught cheatin,…for her it was a rebound trap fo sho….straight out of the marriage she picked a loser just like the one she had before……the first one up to the plate…. She went right from that to her high school fantasy guy ….he proved to be worse still. They hadn’t seen each other in a long time. He was in town all week but didn’t see her until he was on his way out of town….in the afternoon…after he used all his prepackaged lines on her…getting in all the sales tricks as fast as possible…with time running out…..he declared that they could fool around

If she wanted
as long as…….


they didn’t kiss…. Why? …..He said it was too personal.


The things you see when you haven’t got your gun.

The drive thru Cassanova.

No wonder y’all think there’s a mancession. I always say NO relationship is better than a bad one. I was proud of her ….she turned his wildly piss poor offer down.

A moron can read Shakespeare…….but that don’t make him noble.

Just cuz a guy says something …don’t make it so. Oh…..you knew that ….…didn ya?

I try to keep my blog as open testimony. Which is sometimes easy and sometimes er…..not so much. Disclosure about who I am is therapeutic …even if painful sometimes. But I maintain that a man should have only good secrets and I am not above the law.

Theres this……. overly attractive…girl (LOL ok ok woman) my age. Shes…..well…….an easy 10.3 on the Dudley Moore scale. Exceptionally beautiful, bright, in shape, smart, funny, sexy, coy……you get the picture. If she were to throw herself in front of the hookup bus every man on the planet would get off and help her to his bed..……in exacting terms…… a trophy wife. The hubby has his long list of accomplishments (They recently went on a vacation and Im told he wore a suit) so hes the typical “work comes first” “you’re an ornament” guy.

Shes……….not happy. “We don’t have anything in common”.

I’m …not the smartest……so lots of things just go over my head but eventually she makes it clear that…….if I am willing……..shes mine to enjoy. Once…….or…….I could go ring shoppin should I dare.

Did I mention shes NOT happy?

We have a very good relationship….and if both of us REALLY wanted ….things might be very different. Except

I’m not for sale.

Of course everyone in the gym thinks im insane but……….I don’t want to be the clean up artist for someone who “chose” to be a trophy wife. I know shes trapped at home but I have to confess…….If you made the choice based on the guys resume ……..then you cant earn my sympathy. Wasted Time? PASS Love? …….FAIL.

I like the thought of being the knight in gold armor ……but not for someone who got a cushy 20 year ride because they look great….and then decided they really wanted a life partner twenty years later.

No deal.

I like the REAL fushizzle…..with a lime. Its not very special if every man will take it. If any man is willing to lay down with you …its kinda up to you to tell the difference between a knight and ……..a guy with a sales plan. How hard can that be? ……don’t answer that.

For you: Be careful of venal choices……especially if you done did that befo.
Tinker tailor soldier spy …..a man in disguise will not give you his heart. Caveat emptor my love.

For me: Im in a much better place. Enjoyin the horizon and not worryin….the punkometer is workin and Im goin on vacation soon.

Nothin' Can Stop This Burnin'
Desire To Be With You
Gotta Get To You Baby
Won't You Come, It's Emergency
Cool My Fire Yearnin'
Honey, Come Set Me Free

Bring it………….bring the summer sun…….and a summer night……mmmmmmm……..even the morning spring sun sun feels good ……..on the water.


Rach said...

A kiss is just a kiss, or so they say, until you're refused one. I'm glad the drive thru cassanova kept driving without having his order filled. The kissing and touching is quite nice in a relationship, but not having the opportunity to be vulnerable with someone is the part that makes a person think about backsliding, I think. I should blog about this, but I don't have time now. Here's what I'm thinking though. We show parts of who we are with others, such as our friends, our family members, our co-workers, etc... It's our partner, or intimate other that we bare our souls to. We allow them to see who we are when we're around others, who we are as a lover, and who we are when our guard is down. We also share our fears and dreams, and troubles with them. That's the good stuff that I miss when I am not in a relationship. Make sense?

f1trey said...

@ rach- cool....yeah it makes sense...... no brakes ......keep livin!

mel said...
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