whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Empty people, spent people and baggage

I have this thing about people who are hollow. It still amazes me that I find so few people who are self aware. You have conversations with them every day and yet they are empty and completely devoid of thought that has merit. How do you live like that? Communication man! I can’t stand it! I still love my own quote that “some people are too dumb to actually know they’ve wasted their life.” Ok….ranting done….

This is different than say, those that been jaded by life. Put their cards on the table. Gambled or taken a chance on love. Been Burnt by loves hot and fickle flame. Better to warm by the fire for a while than freeze in loneliness, I say.

That’s a real problem with baggage. Everyone has it, it seems. Traveling in pursuit of love apparently requires baggage. I confess I’ve never fallen in love with baggage. They say you should take a person and their baggage… the two are inseparable. I don’t know about that. Love is best and easy when its effortless…. I still cant subscribe to the “it’s the hard times that define…blah blah blah…..” Leave your baggage at the door. It may be a short trip if you cant.

On a football note…we lost.

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Love, Evolution, and Resilience said...

Ah bullshit... there called you on it... you can't leave feelings at the door... you can leave negative reaction, and the tendency to dwell, but shit man shawdows exist... you can't just leave them at the door. You just gotta remember that when a shadow comes, your job is to hug your partner, remind them that they are loved and have nothing to worry/fear/whatever about, kiss them, tell them they are beautiful and move the heck on... Don't leave it at the door... it just piles up.