whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trash, dreams and heels

There is something of an undercurrent in how I notice women trash men…without question female bashing occurs among my peers….I get this little light in my eyes when I watch that wheel turn. Again.
A woman’s dreams and aspirations are not a mans. Men are taught to throw rocks and play football and to climb trees the fastest. When we are young we are told we can be astronauts, pro basketball players or fighter pilots. At no time in that training to become a man does a father say “Son, remember, once you have kids, they come first”.or “Don’t raise your voice”. In fact we are told to scream and yell at sporting events like the end of the world was coming. Being aggressive is revered in the male world.
Put on a mans shoes before you put him in the trash. Then you’ll understand why he does what he does. Of course this isn’t a license to yell at a woman.
Let me make this clear LOL I’m not putting on heels. BUT I feel good when I understand that women have dreams of a close family and being a good mom, and a man to watch over them, protect them and make them feel safe.


Crys said...

i like this perspective, actually. i'm a bit traditional in the way i look at men-women relationships, as well. sometimes i feel like i have to apologize for it, but why? sometimes roles comfort us or make complete sense.


f1trey said...

Thanks Crys! I think people have expectations and sometimes those fall short...especially now a days.... "the ideal man" "the ideal woman". I tend to carry my end of the bargain instead of looking for a weakness in my partner.....