whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hitch, the past and letting go

I was watching the movie Hitch this weekend….hehehehe My earlier post expressly says that I don’t like chick flicks but I had my reasons!!!!….There was a great line in it though…. “to know where your going you have to know where you’ve been”…most would agree with that I think.

With love though people tend to be negative about that though….”I wont fall in love again” or “Im going to protect myself next time” . Hello? Doesn’t that smack as an obstacle to having a relationship? That’s what love is. Letting go. I have had relationships that I called off because I knew I would never get that persons guard to drop….. I definitely learned something…. If you cant let go ..you’re wasting your time… If your partner can’t let go….your still wasting your time…..
I guess you have to let go before you can go asomewhere..... make sense?