whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Monday, June 29, 2009

silent applause, glass houses, and valentines day

Its awful to speak from your heart and not be heard, so im not given to pouring my wine out on the rocks for all to see.. but I rather applaud romantic seuls unapologetic openess about herself even with little audience or fanfare. Im more reserved....looking for connection (not to say she isnt) validation, wearing a thin mask that cant be seen but lets in all the light that touches it. She has my respect. She might very well say "so what?" Balls are nice to have. I have a feeling she would show you all she has...but you would have a troubled time getting close to her. (not going to throw stones in a glass house..I might hit my mirror.) Chances are we see some of the same things when the lights go out.
Enough heavy stuff. we lost (again) to pittsburgh. My game was good in spite of that. Nobody rocked me and ive decided to up my game in the gym. I like having targets that are hard to hit. Remind me of that come valentines day.


Anonymous said...

You are sweet. Balls don't do you a lot of good when you're a woman, but respect is very very nice.

It's harder to be so open when I know there's someone looking. I get past it by picturing you in your underwear. ! I crack myself up far more than I have a right to...

f1trey said...

oh god no.....you DIDNT just call me sweet?..... go see your doctor right away. hehehe

and you know darn good and well I dont own any underwear.

Anonymous said...

How am I ever gonna get through all your posts, when now I want to go over and read Romantic Seul? Uggg. Time is not on my side here.