whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Monday, February 22, 2010

The shot, the derby, and bad glue

Ok dude….. the race was this weekend. An lemme tell ya……. it was a barn burner. My bloggy girls hearts are all in the right place …big smile……..and there were lessons all around for me and my son this weekend. So I gotsta tell ya …..NOTHING happened the way ANY of us thought. I like it when bad luck really turns out to be a glass of lemonade. Albeit a small one. This one though was CLOSE………real close. Now I can’t take credit here.

But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well.

The weekend started out with basketball practice for ma boy and……it’s NOT going all that well. I won’t get into the details…… lets just leave it at that. We get to the pinewood derby with 15 minutes to spare and I have a bright idea. I’ll put some glue on the axles to make sure they’re secure.

Lemme say that again.

I’ll put some glue on the axles to make sure they're secure. I am a SOOOOPER genius.
We go to weigh in the car. 5.0 Oz. ……..perfect!!!!!!
I go to spin a wheel in satisfaction ….one last time.
It’s glued to the car. THEYRE ALL …..GLUED TO THE CAR!.

My head…………….is swimming…… and I can hear people talking "Gorfa toob a fishna te kooble"
I look up to see the satisfied smirks of the dads who are now congregating to see why this guy is suddenly freaking out. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s worse than a nightmare.
10 minutes to race.
I race outside to the car for tools and he shows up with some spares.
I realize at this point…… IF……IF we can get the wheels on……..he’ll be the slowest car there because the wheels and axles are right out of the box. Fatherhood ? FAIL. It’s a repeat of last year…last place. It’s hard to conceal the look on my face. Im thinking lets just withdraw and Ill apologize. I deserve it……
My son however does not…..
I put the thing together
5 minutes to race.
We RUN in to weigh……don’t ……breathe……my heart sinks…..we’re overweight by 3 ounces! OMANOMANOMAN… the wheels are stock and haven’t been milled out like the other ones. Everything is in slow motion. THINK TREY YOU MORON…….
We RUN back to the car. I grab a knife and BUTHCER the car……B U T C H E R. Taking out huge chunks of it to get the weight down. The top…..the sides…..the back. it look like someone ran over the thing with a train. I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!
We run back inside with frankencar and weigh. The car is BARELY together. I am truly afraid a wheel will fall off in mid race. Ahm gunna be sick…..I’m serious. It’s a disaster. Complete with ex wife in attendance to add to the pain. And then my son says.
“We’ve done our best dad……..”
I look at him …..and realize.
We have hustled, father and son over the last 15 minutes to make the car our own. Under pressure. By the seat of our pants, together. I smile …….and the hug is worth a billion car wins.
He doesn’t go far…….. but he doesn’t come in last place!! So all in all it was more successful than last year and we celebrate even though the outcome isn’t adorned with trophies or fan fare. It’s a failure on the track but the reward is far more important. His smile was enough to put me on the moon.
We sleep on the boat that night and rest up for his basketball game on Sunday.
He has NEVER scored a point. N E V E R. Even all of last year too.
In the last quarter he gets 2 free throws after he gets fowled trying for a shot.
Im ……holding my breath.
He misses.
The second one……… goes in! Yeah dude. Success! Ma boy is an NBA star!!!!.....
We’re still losing the game but ......who cares??? Finally.....
The game is tied with about a minute left and my son……..is all alone under the basket. No one guards him because he …..isn’t a threat. He waves his arms and pleads all game long because he’s WIDE open……. and I am DYING in the stands. Unable to help.
They throw him the ball.
He shoots…… and the ball…….rolls round the rim….…and …..rolls some more …….and then
Drops in.
The Crowd goes NUTS, NUTS I say!!!!!!! and I am dancing, beaming with pride. The game winning point was HIS and they’re undefeated season is STILL intact.

You see, ya can't please everyone,
So ya got to please yourself

Bring it……...bring a lesson worth living for. He will remember all this. When he is grown and life is not so kind. It will be fresh in my memory for some time I know. Nothing better than a good juicy humbling lesson to make me realize what is important and…....what is just…….....Not. We got to throw some football sunday. He says he wants to play football like his old man. One thing at a time ma boy. One thing at a time.


Miss Angie said...

Awwe, that's really awesome. See how the universe works? The car became yours, even if it was frankencar. :) Now just think if you'd had the time to make it yours earlier and really work out all the kinks! ;)


"Seattle" Heather said...

Oh Trey! That is wonderful...now I need to go find a tissue...cause I got tears in my eyes. That is truly a wonderful post! :) So happy for you and your son!!!

The Invisible Seductress said...

Choked up and laughing at the same time, thanks for making me feel schizophrenic!!!!!


Ca88andra said...

Tears in my eyes too. All the bad bits about parenthood disappear when you have good bits like the ones you wrote about. Well done!

Linda Medrano said...

I'm so glad this worked out for you and your boy. The thing is, the time you spent together and going through this is what it's all about. Winning-losing are nothing compared to that. He's lucky to have you Honey.

Anonymous said...

Awe that is so cute! What a proud Daddy you are! Congrats to your little man on the game winning shot!

Seneca said...

haha haha franken car.... Awesome about the winning shot!

Rach said...

Glad things went so well this weekend. I hope next weekend is great too. Sometimes a great weekend isn't as obvious as winning shots and hugs with encouragement, keep that in mind.

Kimberly said...

The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.

f1trey said...

@ Everyone- I could not have invisioned what a bizarro weekend would be in store but things oculd have turned out much worse and I hope i didnt overdo the daddy factor ..it was just important to me!!!!! Peace!

Cupcake said...

I cried, literally. I'm crying, breathing hard and freaking out about the car.

I'm so proud of you and your son! I'm so happy he scored the basket, and everyone cheered for him!!

Have you told him how many beautiful women have been gunning for him for weeks???? (ESPECIALLY this one!!!)

f1trey said...

@ Cupcake- thanks darlin...it was real emotional for me too!

Dutch donut girl said...

That's really great. I bet your son will always remember this day with his father.

April said...

It's funny how things work out like that, isn't it? Your screw up ended up being the best thing for you and your son. What's great is that he doesn't care that he didn't get first place. And because he doesn't care, his good karma gave him the winning basket! This just makes my heart smile big! Good on you, Trey.

Heff said...

God, man. Your color scheme is KILLING ME, LOL !

Anonymous said...

A fabulous post but am too tough to cry... sniff

Anonymous said...

Govern your thoughts when alone, and your tongue when in company...................................................