whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The second affair, sour raisins, and the lifetime son and daughter give away sweepstakes winner

I realize this is going downhill fast….and most know where it’s probably headed.  Do I have an agenda ??  Admittedly so…but I won’t apologize for it.  Now I can’t take credit here.

You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want

You can’t always get what you want indeed.

Where was I? oh yeah…..I bought a boat because i wanted the kids to have good family memories that I didn’t have..  That never happened. Soon after I got the boat I was counseling at church camp for a week with my daughter which was great fun!!!!! And when I got back I discovered my wife …. You guessed it….was having another affair.  I had worked so hard to be a good husband, cleaning the house, working, loving with all my heart, fixing things myself to save money. But it was over.  I would not put up with any more cheating….but truly…it was not just a sign that the marriage was over…in was that I never had one at all. 
Something interesting happened then….. I discovered that 3 of Mary’s friends and coworkers had done the same thing…. THE SAME WEEK…. they had been planning it for years…. Sharing information about attorney’s strategies on how to spend all the money put us in debt and then…… kick the husbands out. Because they knew we would have to pay for it….  Use us then take the kids and our money. They got their husbands to set them up in new houses then kick us all out.  It was unbelievably evil.  Beyond anything Satan could have devised.  Our lives torn up …..for a buck …..and more importantly our kids were victims. They would never have that loving family home they deserved. 

I gave up. She won. I quit…..but the reverse of that was that I was free.  I have to admit…my heart was not sore for even one second.  I was glad it was over.
My wife celebrated the next weekend with a pool party in the pool I built for us to have memories of playing with my kids. But that wouldn’t happen.
 She had finally gotten rid of me.  Any picture of me with the kids was taken down immediately.  I’m not sure my kids ever understood she had kept all of us in the dark for so long ……because she was an expert liar…and still is.
I moved onto the boat because i had nowhere else to go. 
I was crushed because I had done all I could but the harder I tried the worse our family got.
It had been a fight before to save my family.  Unbelievably from there…. it just got worse.  My attorney told me that it was useless to fight for custody because the women always won and that I would pay him to give my kids away. I remember he laughed when he told me and I remember his exact words “Mr. Logan you are just going to pay me to give your kids away”. I could have killed him.  Remember this was MY attorney…the one I hired…...not hers.  I asked my mom to help me fight to keep the kids 50/50 and was heartbroken at her response.  She said I should let Mary raise them…..I cut her out of my life totally and immediately…we will never speak again.  Every attorney I hired to help…literally made things worse...and helped the other side…and then billed me.  It was a nightmare beyond description. 
I was lucky enough to get my Private investigators license.  Divorce had been so hard and no one had any answers …I thought it would be a good thing to help other people who were going through the same problems…having their lives turned upside down was traumatic and I would do my best to help people through it.  I even had some time on k-92 where I would find lost people…lost loves, family members, childhood friends and such and we would reunite them on the air.  It was very satisfying
I set out to do what was right and bought a duplex because i could save money for the kids, jennings however didn’t like being in the ghetto and hated being there ……and with me. It broke my heart… I had lost the fight for my marriage and now I was fighting my daughter too. 

Then my best friend in the world Chad died in a car wreck. Truly my best friend.

Then …..I got lucky…..I met Shanna …..the one true love of my life.  

I got a job at lewis gale and unlucky for me marys attorney found a way to take most of my money.  Regardless of what I did….. Everyone was eager to make things worse.  I remember the attorneys laughing together saying “he can see them on Christmas day cant he? Will that be ok??”  They laughed and smiled, enjoying the look of pain they were causing and I would just have to sit there and take it.  It was fun for them. 
 From that point on I was overpaying her in child support.  No formula was EVER used …they just made up whatever the fuck they thought I should pay and that was that. I made less every year but every time I spoke to an attorney about it they wanted to increase it.  It made no sense at all.  Every other job that I had made less money…but I never took her back to court to get the payments adjusted…because it was supposed to be for the kids…. And who knows what lies she was telling the kids. I was bitter yes…. i was upset yes... But i had every reason to be….. my family was ripped from me and i was powerless to be a good dad,  while my wife spent my money happily in the house i built for us…and the people I hired to help me….always ended up helping her.  If you’re an attorney I’ll be happy to meet you somewhere of your choosing and beat the shit out of you….dont care about charges or going to jail for it……ill be smiling the whole time.
At that point work at lewis gale had become too stressful.  As a chief tech the money was great but it was too hard to keep it going and keep the kids…I had to be on call and there were times the kids had to go with me when I got called in..even in the middle of the night.  It was too much for them and for me.  So I stepped down.  The problem was….i had worked at the only two hospitals in Roanoke…which meant I HAD to move.  I didn’t  WANT to.  There were no open positions within driving distance…none…. But I had to work..the kids had to eat..mary had to be paid. …so there was nothing I could do. I was lucky enough to get a job in Florida.  In my kids eyes…I abandoned them…which broke my heart. Florida was far..but I thought it would be great to have the kids come there.  They did come one time..and we had a blast.  I went to see them for Christmas ….and my wife served me with more papers demanding more money.  Sour raisins???  I admit it.  But with damn good reason…so I don’t want to hear any shit from anyone that i need to just let it go.because yeah I .....AM.... over it so you can save the “you need to move on…get over it” speech.  Is that what I should tell my kids about the divorce??   “”you need to get over it?”  Healing is much better…..

For my daughter: I wish I was there for you

For my son: I wish I was there for you

Bring it…….bring the healing.  Life is tough for everyone….  I know that. Sometimes sharing is really the only thing that is comforting…so if you find someone worth having….you better hold onto them…. Big smile

POSTSCRIPT: The love train is fine …..gusto kong mag isa lang…malaki ngiti

POSTSCRIPT DEUX: I think ive already written about it ...but hehehe i cant help but recall one more story...one time the ex and I were discussing women and she told me that "men like bitches" ....y...eah...we like that.....thats what i want...a bitch. hehe well...I got one....i didnt like it that much.  


Miss Angie said...

What a horrible person she is. I will never understand how people can treat each other like that.

me said...

@ Miss Angie! I still read your blog even though it wont let me post there! hope you are well!!! xxxxoooo!