whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Tricky fish, steely dan, and the land of OZ in Charleston

Ok time to dish some pain as we had a rematch with Charleston this weekend. The game was set for730 but lately I have been pining for the urban beach so I headed out early myself instead of riding with the pack. West va terrain is bizarre. You’re in the mountains with no sign of life…then you crest a hill and voila........uncivilzation like OZ out of nowhere.
A block from the stadium and there is a little Caribbean style bar called the tricky fish. Big colorful flags, wooden deck, tin buckets of corona in ice. I wheel in back and take the last vacant parking spot out of ten cars there. I beg for a dos equis and stroll out on the deck and lean against the rail in an empty spot, enjoying the sky and anonymity among the locals. Plenty of time to unwind and soak it up. I order the crabcake sandwich with tricky sauce and onion rings. The owner strolls by and says Im in for a treat while he throws a hand towel over his shoulder. Theres soccer on the tv and the beers are coming now. I drink them before they get warm and chat with the other 5 people at the bar.
“well… the ….danger on the rocks has surely passed. Still I remain tied to the mast….” Steely dan comes on and immediately Im in my own world playing air drums and reflecting on the song. Music is a popular thing for people to like but trust me…..it takes me to another level. If you get it, you and I are kindred , if you say “oh I like all kinds of music” …you don’t get it. The next line of the song is “ ….could it be that I have found my home at last?” The loss is over but sometimes people cant let go of the pain. If you want love again you have to be strong enough to open back up.
The game sucked. I should have stayed at the bar.


Violet said...

Oh, I like all kinds of music...but I get it. Music gets to me, makes me wild, makes me cry, soothes my spirit, helps me cut loose, teaches me lessons, and entertains me. I always have an emotional reaction to music and certain songs take me right back to certain moments in my life.

The crabcake with tricky sauce sounds delish!

Kimberly said...

I like all kinds of music & yes, I get it. As former groupie (not really)...I totally get it.

Anything with the words tricky & fish in the title - has to have no good outcome. You can't fool around with fish.

f1trey said...

hehehehe i think you can look them up online www.trickyfish.net

f1trey said...

@violet it was good! it was kinda hot! but hopefully i can go back.....