whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bed making, a gander, and Waskeys Mill

Goose? Gander? Does it matter? It does in my world dude!! ……you make your bed…so…..dont poop in your own backyard……if ya know what I mean. ....Wait.......Im getting confusing again.
I’m gonna wrap this subject up (finally!! Trey) … I just do NOT like double standards..….and of course nobody seems to like a cheater but I can think of one instance where it might …..might mind you ….be ok. I’m not sayin its right but…….If you start a fight …...expect some bruises. That’s my motto…..Yeah this is the kind of preaching NO ONE likes…….In fact I have to swallow my own medicine……..so don’t take any of this personal…… I’m there with ya.
I used to be hardnosed and thought that cheating in any form was bad…… and there certainly is a right and wrong way to end a relationship but……if your partner is running around I………wont crucify you for leveling the playing field. If someone plans on cooking your goose then get the gander knife ready.
My thinking has changed on this subject over the years. If your partner is cheating you don’t have a relationship to save through martyrdom. In a perfect world the cheatee would just get out the relationship with honor intact and then date. Its NOT a perfect world. Whatcha think? Now I can’t take credit here.

Wondering if I've done it wrong
Will this depression last for long

The snow is coming down heavy and Jody, Mark, Buck and I are to hold up at Marks house….Miraculously, everyone’s parents are out of town. But first …....provisions. Waskeys Mill is THE place. Now…….I’m only sixteen…….as a starving wrestler I…….do NOT look old enough to buy beer. I can barely see over the counter. But always the risk taker and danger be damned so…….
Waskeys Mill was this little country store no bigger than my bedroom. Waaayyy out of town. I didn’t have a fake ID so if this backfired…… plan B was to run into the woods. So I pull in and the place is empty….the floors are wooden and creak when you walk. BOTH isles are packed to the ceiling with everything from radiator belts to loaves of bread. I control my breathing and walk to the back… omanomanomanoman….. I pick out a twelve pack of miller and struggle to get it to the counter. With both hands and some body english I heave it up and slide it back to the old man behind the register. …..OGODOGODOGOD…… I slide a ten dollar bill across… looking like Max, the dog in the Grinch that stole Christmas…..blink…. blink…... and wait for him to pull out a shotgun. Instead he gives me back some change and I …….exhale…. pull the ton of beer down and stroll out ….trying to carry it like a man ……..without bending over to one side. I reach the car and …..its ALL good. I am the KING TONIGHT BOY! “Who bought the beer?” “LOGAN???” “yeah man…no sweat.”
We drink. We crank the Aerosmith. We drink. We fix spaghetti. We drink. We throw up spaghetti, we…….pass out. The house is a wreck. Indoor snowball fights. Puke everywhere. Somebody knocked Jody OUT. O U T. Out. Needless to say we all got in trouble.. You make your bed…you lie in it.
Where IN the world are you going with this?
Well……is it still cheating if the marriage is in tatters and you already know your partner is cheating? I know I’ve been in that box and…….Im glad Im divorced. If anything I plan to get a call from her current husband one day and hear ”man is she a cheatin bitch or what?” hehehehe. Seriously. Do you blame someone for looking for comfort after their partner has ruined the relationship? Im not sure that I do. As a PI, I saw a lot of folks in pain but nothing, and I mean NOTHING pisses me off more than a guy who IS cheating AND treats the wife like a possession. Some women have a philosophy of “keep the peace” or backing down to avoid a fight…..If your so blinded to not see the truth about your cheating spouse just to keep the dream alive……its possible you might be an enabler….Im just sayin. You know those relationships where you “did everything he wanted” and it still didn’t keep it together? Well…..not many men enjoy shooting fish in a barrel.

Where have all the good times gone
Where have all the good times gone

Bring it………bring some sause for the goose. Of course it works just as well on the gander. I don’t think anyone likes the idea of cheating… but that only seems to hold when youre the cheatee…..but I have to say that if your spouse is cheating….. I got NO problem these days with saying I don’t believe in double standards. Staying with a cheater only hurts you !!!!! Yeah Im a soooper genius…..If you lie down with dogs…. Making the bed isn’t going to keep the fleas away. It might just be time to start the broiler for gander instead.. Now…….whos hungry?


"Seattle" Heather said...

Yup. Yup. And from your comment from my page..you make me laugh. Thank you. I bet you're a kick in the pants in person cuz you seem like it on the page.
Take care Trey, hope you had an awesome holiday.

Miss Angie said...

I'm not sure... I think it's not black and white, there are many varying shades of gray in between. If it's morally wrong to you, then that's between you and your god. If it isn't, then it's still between you and your god. Y'know?

The Invisible Seductress said...

Could never do it. Just isn't me. One time I went out after KNOWING my husband was cheating and KNOWING it was over. A hot guy was hitting on me hard. I laughed nervously, feeling awkward, he went in for a kiss, I nearly pissed myself and then bolted. Went to the "soccer mom transport vessel" crying and damning my morals. Just isn't me, even under those circumstances. But I get what you are saying here. A clear conscience is a good thing! (she says sounding like Martha Stewart) sigh.

The Invisible Seductress said...

BTW,,,,I still want the "Blip"!

Diane said...

Nah. I don't think that's leveling the playing field. I think that's just sinking to the cheater's level. Wasn't something I could've done.

But that's me.

f1trey said...

@ Everyone- It makes me happy to know that some still feel as though cheating is always bad..... :)
Like I said my attitude has changed on the subject over the years, its just that I have a hard time condoning a failed relationship that stays together....... :(

@ Heather- Indeed I am young maam! LOL But Im sure you would be right there with me!!! is there ANY doubt?

@ Angie- yeah I think people are all over the board on this one....

f1trey said...

@ Invisible- Cool story..thank you for letting that out!! I can see all taht happening in my head..LOL kudos!

@ Diane- Fantasticly put!!!! yes! reality check!!!