whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The light switch, the rollercoaster, and the tasmanian devil

Oh dude …..Got the “snap”. ….again. My bad. The crackle and pop are typically right behind so …nothing unusual…. Im losing you already aren’t I?......
Ya know that first part of a relationship where your……..eyes brighten?….that fun playful time where its new and interesting. …bits o butterflies an all. It’s lookin promising ……and then………that light switch goes off. “KERPLINK”…..Your date does something that’s a deal breaker……nonnegotiable…..irreparable……finito. LOL I was wondering…… is this how it happens with ma bloggy girls? Instantaneous detachment?
Oh well….. nothing ventured nothing gained………hehehe In truth I need to celebrate the fact my radar was working well!.......... I have to admit I can’t do the fair weather thing. Ifn ya know what ah mean. If you run hot ….then cold……then hot….. I’ll run elsewhere. I’m not very good at averaging all that out to be…….lukewarm. Now I cant take credit here.

Rollercoaster of Love
say what?
Rollercoaster (oohh oohh oohh)...

Does …….ANTHING …….get any better than old school funk?........Even MC hammer had to remake Rick James……...be……atch. hahaha.. .…wait…....what?
Im……sorry…..when you roll hard, hitting the brakes just….give me emotional whiplash.….. all these….bells, whistles and flags go up. Like some contraption on Willy Wonka in high gear.....jaw dropping, sensory overload disbelief. Sorry. I feel like I must be more trigger happy than the average bear. But when protection mode punches ma gut…. Im afraid there’s NO recovery. Prospective lovins? FAIL.
where was I?

Oh yeah…..

Its not always bout me. By that I mean …. I assume the other person has a bit o “been let down” too. So its VERY possible I said the wrong thing or pushed a button the wrong way. Gotsta keep that in mind. Ya know?
I have had a few brushes with what I call the “Taz”. As in “shes plumb eat up with the Taz”. I know things are tough these days. Work, bills, reality tv gone wrong, bills, family and bills. But I get a glazed stare when I have a date……. suddenly….without warning……turn into the tazmanian devil for 45 seconds then reappear with no memory of the event. Blink…….Blink.

Rollercoaster of love indeed.

I guess I was thinking of a different kind of love rollercoaster. My bad.
My exwife actually said to me “men like bitches”.



Er…….not THIS man. Hence the divorce. If that was her goal she certainly succeeded.
The best relationships in my world were effortless. No Mrs Jeckyl no Ms.Hyde. Men manifest depression through anger. Did ya know that? I remember being down in my own marriage and being short fused a lot…..which did NOTHING to help matters. I think women can easily misunderstand that. When youre being yelled at you don’t normally think of depression as the cause. You don’t really give a $&|^ . You just want it to stop. I always liked to say I worked on the marriage. The exwife worked on getting out of it. LOL ……she won.
Im not sure what it means when a WOMAN keeps her gun loaded AND cocked. I have met a few who went off the deep end..….quick. In my world that’s the warning sign that’s something MORE is wrong than meets the eye.
I’m not sure what other guys do when Taz takes over. Maybe Im not being understanding enough…..but ma gut tells me there are more issues beneath the iceberg that I get to see and so I slowly back peddle out of the room with a strained grin on ma face and turn on the vacancy sign again.
I SERIOUSLY do NOT mean this to be an episode of the “he man woman haters club”…I jes wanna know….. whats up with that? Not ALL girls are this way …..just a few.
I guess the harsh truth that love is fragile is…..more common than anyone wants to admit. It’s a shame that something good can fall apart with some poorly chosen words. Mixed with unbendable pride and here cometh the fall. I don’t like the thought of disposable love. So I have some work to do at home cuz I wanna be ready. Boy I LOVE seein a couple that’s tight …that just…..makes me smile..….yeah dude……. cool. One thing is fo sho, bad seeds don’t grow love. If you got issues don’t expect the love train anytime soon. Same goes for your partner. If theyre life is a DMZ Im not sure I would expect anything other than a sales pitch and a mask. Ever had that?
Happy folks make happy relationships. Since ya cant change people, ma best bet is to make sure IM ready when the time comes.
Seriously dude. If everything ELSE is a priority then …….. Mr wonderful is going to be hard pressed to drop out of the sky an straighten up chaos. I’m sorry that’s not what folks want to hear. And the reverse is true too. When things are a mess for me …….the love train jes keeps ona movin.

All is fair 'n' a big fair ground
Let's go slow, let's go fast
Like a liqorice twist gonna whip your ass

Bring it………bring that outa control feeling that makes your heart feela jittery and sweet…..big smile….sorry I know some of ya will gag on that but……why would you want anything else? I still love rollercoasters………whos with me?


Linda Medrano said...

Drama belongs on the silver screen, Trey, not in my home. Now, I know other people who thrive on it. Oh hell no! I do know men who love tas devil women. Says they keep them on their toes. Uh huh. Whatever. Fortunately, Alex likes peace with his piece! Know what I mean?

Christiejolu said...

I used to be all about the roller-coaster rides. I thought if it wasn't turbulent it wasn't normal. Now with the new guy in my life (4 months) there is no turbulence, we are on the same page and it is just so amazing. I feel like I have known him my whole life. It is so refreshing!

The Invisible Seductress said...

keeping a swing seat warm for ya too....wink....xoxo...bring it!! i dare ya!! laughing

Danielle said...

I have dated 2 guys that played semi pro. Both brought drama to the table. :) Must be something in the game!

Love, Evolution, and Resilience said...

Trey, I'm hearing "Express Yourself" by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band tell me that 'what ever you do is good'...

Ok, don't ask me why reading this post made that song play in my ear, but maybe you just needed to hear it, or maybe I'm inspired to express myself as thoroughly as you do... *sighs* . Either way lovey... you Rock! As always.

xo D

SKB said...

Never been one to thrill-seek but am learning the wisdom of ignoring the fear & belly-flopping head first down the snowy mountain of 8th grade love. You're right, be open, be happy - throw off the rest. You're a good egg, Charlie Brown, love ya the best.

f1trey said...

@ Linda- boy I agree...i just dont get that...i really dont.....

@ CJ- seriously? why? im glad things are different! and better!

@ Invisible- slam ya up aginst the wall for that!! :)

@ Danielle- yea I agree ! they are an odd bunch!!!! i mean we....

f1trey said...

@ Love- cool tunes always satisfy! glad your still with us!!! :)

@ SKB- I really wanted to be snoopy! hhehehe your gettin there!

Just telling it like it is said...

Me...I just don't like finding the crazys in between them

April said...

I think most people come with baggage, it's how they handle that baggage that's important. If they're all dramatic about it and caught up in it, then yeah, NEXT! But if they put all their cards out on the table and say, "This is me. This is my past. This is what I've done and where I've been. And this is what I have to offer" then you know up front what you're dealing with and you have the choice to call or fold.

And yes, I have had experiences when something happened that was a deal breaker and yes, it was pretty much instantaneous detachment. I have been stoopid enough to know that they're deal breakers but still stick around for whatever reason. But I've wised up!

April said...

Oh and congrats on making the team!

f1trey said...

@ Just- you got the gold now darlin....hang on to it!!

@ April- I know youre a smart girl! just wish the boyfriend would do somethin stoopid! LOL

Copyboy said...

Good words of wisdom to live by. Except the whip your ass part. haha.

Julie said...

At my age the roller coaster holds no appeal. Let's keep it simple!

Catching up on my blog reading. Happy Friday!

Just telling it like it is said...

I thought it was platinum...for get the gold..unless it is white that is .... and I am trying to give it away