whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Captain Kirk, the falls and Trading places

By now Im jumping up and down. Frig. Who does this song? More Jumping. Dude what IS the name of this tune? I start singing as the words come back to me.

It’s a rat race Mr briefcase
What do you keep in that bag of tricks?
Is there anything at all in that briefcase?

I run over to the XM box. “Lee Ritenour??” On XM? Really? Cool tune. No dude I’m sure you have NEVER heard this tune. Yeah it’s a rat race. Racing rats. Boxing bears? Kayaking kangaroos? Just kidding…..
When I was young I got the speech about “you can be anything you want.” ….and… “you should like what you do”. Makes sense. Third grade is fertile ground for ideas that don’t quite survive to adulthood. “You say I can be anything I want?” Yep. “Really?” If you put your mind to it…… cool dude ….. Im thinkin friggin astronaut here. No…. you be SPOCK I wanna be the captain. What? Oh….well how bout quarterback for the redskins? Oh yeah….dude…...WHAT NOW? Ok then …so….Ill own the team and decide to LET me play. Silence. Playboy photographer? …..yeah… Im likin this……….What do you mean math skills? What ARE you talking about? Garbage collector? Im takin that test again. Tests are stupid. Friggin rat race promoter. What kind of job is that?
Men are attached to their work. What are women attached to? I’m a guy I donna know. In a mans eyes what you do defines who you are. I’m telling you. A mans self worth is tied to his work. If his career direction is checkered so will his attitude be about a great many things. “No its not” yes it is dude. “No its not”. YES…. it is. “Uhuh….My uncle Bob….he…” Dude Im not sure what movie Bob watched but I ve seen trading places…..
I’m lucky. When work gets a bit out of hand there is this set of water falls less than a mile from the hospital. Really. Its nice. Stress relief? Its instant.... you know? The roar of the water pounding on dark wet rocks. Trees reflecting off the shallows and the water cold and clear. Little things float by. The moss is so soft you could sleep on it. No rats…….no race……
Work for most is not play. Its home that’s sanctuary. When a man is stressed at home there is no where to go for sanctuary. If the job stinks too then Houston we have a problem. Seriously. Guess who gets the bad end of that frustration? Ding Ding Ding!!!!! Men manifest their depression through anger.
I like Lee Ritenours job…..where do I apply? Damn it really is a rat race?? I forgot my cheese!


Violet said...

Have you read Steve Harvey's book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man? The basic idea is what you say here - that a man defines himself by what he does and how much he makes...and if he's not happy with those two things, he's not gonna be happy with anything. It has revolutionized my thinking about relationships.

But, uh... who gets the bad end of MY frustration, hmmm???

f1trey said...

@Violet- nope hadnt read that! Cool! I do love steve harvey though!

If you angry please dont take it out on the fish!

Kimberly said...

Um, isn't it who moved your cheese? So the job defines the man, huh, never thought about it in terms of the modern day man. I thought THINGS (toys, women, scotch) defined who he was which is a shitty perspective but a perspective nonetheless. You would think we would all be defined by our actions whether they were good or bad. But alas, we live in the real world and the world is made of stinky cheese.

Barbarella said...

Left the rat race a year ago. It never worked for me.

f1trey said...

@Barb Really? you related to Bernie Ecclestone? howd you pull that off? hehehe

@Kimberly mmm limburger .....hehehehe i think your right as well...but the toys and scotch and women cost $$$$$$$ which get from the J O B!!!!but yeah that makes sense...

Just like SOME women have a twisted sense of self worth through motherhood...or being married... hmmmm.... this is the part where i get slapped again isnt it?

Kimberly said...

*slap* - at you least you known when it's coming.

Barbarella said...

not getting the BE connection?


f1trey said...

@BArb- leaving the rat race..employment..the job..you said you left it so I assumed you must be rich and related to BE...or were you referring to the love rat race!!??