whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Post season, Apocalypse Now and the six million dollar man

Well…. Tis the end….the end of an era. No dude. Its over. OVER. man. I’m done…….. body count? Apocalypse now man. I cant take credit here

This is the end
Beautiful friend
Ill never look into your eyes.

Last game of the season. We won. I’m satisfied. Happy? Pleased? ….well….I can wait … A pinch of relief? ….Yeah…. Next season? Most definitely. Steve Austin….. Better…..stronger….faster…Not 6 million dollars worth but hey…..
Nothing broken. I’ve had things broken before. Sleepless nites, dazed days…….STUPID loneliness. All a mistake…..damn … my……….soul h u r t s. ECHO ECHO ECHO. Is anyone LISTENING TO ME???
….physical therapy?…..did she just ask ME out? …Ice?…. With tequila… rest?. ..….Were sleepin in ….. Compression? … Heat? …. Well……
Wait a minute….rebound is in basketball you moron. You know better than that. Take some of your own medicine. Better listen to what you preach…big boy. You can keep the spoonful of sugar.
Whats that dude? J Geils band?? Love stinks?.......dude turn that OFF!! It’s the end of the season not a funeral!!!
Did I love her? More than anything. Was it forever? It was supposed to be. Does she know? Yeah…..she knows.
Yeah the season is over……. Know what? Im already hungry for next season….Gimme the ball coach.


Kimberly said...

I support you - but sometimes reading your posts makes my head hurt & then it becomes numb. I thought I was reading something about football & the end of a season but I got something about the J. Geils band rebounding with spoons of sugar. *throws ball* :-)

f1trey said...

@ Kimberly catches ball...Im sorry darlin...My goal isnt to confuse I promise! Just to make you dig out the meaning a bit! PS I do not want your head to hurt. hands two aspirin and a rum and coke.

Violet said...

To quote Hope Floats, one of my very favorite movies, "endings are usually sad." Sounds like this is a sad ending and I'm sorry for that.

But not sorry that I'll have Jim Morrison singing in my head the rest of the day... :)

f1trey said...

@ Violet hehehe picked up on that did ya? Good memories are better to have so im lucky.... Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck, I get this right now. Probably not for the same reasons... but I feel like, shit I KNOW I put everything I had into it... and then some. I am not the least bit worried that I could have done something different... and that is a first for me ever in my life. SHOOT, he is already wishing he'd made better choices, and I'm already looking to move forward.