whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The contract, Pablo Cruise and growing up

Oh, but it's all right
Once you get past the pain
You'll learn to find your love again
So keep your heart open
'Cause love will find a way…..

Rock and roll lessons courtesy of Pablo cruise 1977
And if that’s not enough to make you see the light…

Sometimes we all feel a need to change
Our love we have to rearrange
And move on to something new, yes you do
Its time to find your place in the sun…..

Boy I like it when joy comes round. As an adult I really hate to hear a woman say “you need to grow up”. I read somewhere that as we age men are happier than women…this is not good news I don’t think. I know my corner of personal happiness sometimes comes from thinking like I did when I was young. I would hate to lose that. In fact its something I look for in a woman. When you’re young your heart is a bit more flexible it seems to me. Some girls have it all sewn up. The guy fits …..here. These are the rules. “You see I don’t play games”……..yes I can see that….clearly. You don’t play games. May I have a copy of the agenda then? Is there an itinerary perhaps?
Love is work its true. But I think of it as making music in a way. When I sit at my drums…its not really work.. Love means give and take. Dude Im the bass player. There is no attention over here. Love means commitment. Don’t stop playing dude even if you mess up. Love is forgiving. Dude what WERE you playing over there? Cause that’s wasn’t the song we were playing…. LOL. Love is kind and unselfish. Dude you take the first solo. Its all good.

Im not saying anything you don’t already know. And my thoughts about the subject might not appeal to some but NOW HEAR THIS. I would much rather have my purist, unspoiled, genuine, untainted, expectations of love than your _uckin grown up contract that you expect to be broken attitude. You’ve priced that item so you can keep it. When you bring it…. Bring Pablo cruise. If that sounds silly to you …..you wont mind if I base my thoughts of love on…….say……my experiences in football? Sign here please.


Kimberly said...

What exactly do you eat in the mornings? Bowls of "all over the place"...dear sweet baby Jesus, you are exhausting me. I can't keep up.

I am young at heart does that count for flexibility?

Are you saying bass players get no attention?

f1trey said...

I sometimes have a few bowls between lunch and dinner.... burp.. is that too much? damn...now im hungry.....
really I try to be very clear...connection is important to me.....hence my last post about the ex....
Be flexible..im just sayin....

bass players attention??....ask michael anthony.... LOL

Violet said...

I love the comparison between love and music - both are beautiful, both are transcendantly enjoyable, both are collaborative, and both are a lot of work if they are going to come out right.

I get you (except for yesterday, I think lol)...God help me, I get you.

The Romantic Seul said...

I'm just cracking up at love and football... what was that ad campaign where they were sacking golf pros... Running backs get smeared pretty good so you should know... Love is turf in the teeth you KNOW it!!!!

f1trey said...

yeah its a lot of fun getting hit....the defenses motto is "if it moves hit it...if it breathes kill it" .....wonderful

f1trey said...

@ violet what didnt you get about yesterday...come on ..out with it...