whatcha ona bout girl??

whatcha ona bout girl??
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The party store , Cincinnati, and golden choices

Ok …….. made a choice… its all good…your supposed to feel good about your decisions right? I am. Things don’t always turn out the way I want but I tell you I feel like royalty when the world opens so I can see it up close. And when I have to choose between bad or worse I do it standing up. Bring the dragons, they will have to pay too.
Every once in a while you get to choose between good and better…....
The road trip to Cincinnati has the air of escapism and freedom and I pat the driver’s side door….arm out the window. The hills move, and I squint at the sky. My son smiles and his hair blows while old Van Halen makes the car fly like it runs on the taste of tequila and rekindled youth. Some choices don’t need 20/20
The drive in…… satisfies……..…we slow to drink in the stadium……..the bridges……….urban prowess rises here……… The party store is 5 blocks across the river from the Reds Stadium. We Run inside. Camera. Drinks. Jerky. Pistachios. A bag of boyhood delight. We spill peanut shells everywhere and the game is a wonderful memory of laughter and bonding that only comes when love is effortless.
…..Bring it….
Love is hard. It can jade you. It can leave you sleepless. Unavailable. Broken. Guarded. Hesitant . Sometimes it doesn’t give you back what you need…or want….or deserve…True…. BUT ……….Effortless love is golden….get your piece…..its worth it…...


Kimberly said...

Love, shcmove. I'm exhausted.

f1trey said...
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Barbarella said...

This is the loveliest post I've read in ages - nice one!

f1trey said...

A blushing thanks.....its not shakespeare...but it might not embarass me mum.

Violet said...

This is the one that doesn't make sense to me. Choices, road trip to Cincy, and the negative side of love? I don't get the connection!

I do, however, LOVE this phrase:

"...while old Van Halen makes the car fly like it runs on the taste of tequila and rekindled youth."

f1trey said...

Choices--- I had the option of going to the beach and go nuts or build a memory with my buddy. Both options sound good...but there was a winner and that choice was the right one. Since I am in the self service love isle it was (for a moment) a difficult one. Choices about relationhips can be hard. I see people in MESSED up relationships and yet they stay there. Not good.

road trip to Cincy That was the choice.

and the negative side of love? my relationship with my son is effortless. thats how I like my partners...If the girls I knew acted more like him there would more lovin in my past and less pain, grief, and trampled hearts.

Violet said...

If the girls you knew acted more like your son, they would be...boys!! lol

There are girls (and guys) who are more easy-going but an effortless male-female relationship is a rarity - you are just as confusing to us as we are to you.